August 2008
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Butch wins Gold in Floor Exercize by tie-breaker!

Well, the last couple of weeks have been INSANE for Butch and me. From being away during the first week of the radio show, having issues to address with the book manufacturing, technical problems with the radio link up, to Butch being shuttled around by my dad while I try to catch up on all this [...]

My Buddy Butch Talk Show for Pets – Our First Show Ever! TA! DAAAAAH!

Well, The first show on Blog Talk Radio! You can get to this show from our New Radio Page at
It was memorable, from the intro music being too long right to the outro music being TOO LOUD! Dailing the wrong number and almost missing the first cue we made it in just under the [...]

My Buddy Butch – The “Superhero?”

It all started about four years ago. A sweet little puppy came into the world and became my friend. Little did I know then of the superpowers that lurked behind that single blue eye, or should I say that tiny little bladder of titanium! The potty training, the late night outside walks to go pee, the sunny [...]

August Pet Tip of the Month – Dogs Don’t Sweat, but their feet smell like “funky cornchips!”

In the epic thriller, comedy, drama, romantic … whatever it was … the movie “Boomerang” starring Eddie Murphy and Hallie Berry there was a scene where Hallie Berry was taking off her shoes and Eddie Murphy made the remark that she would “have the whole apartment smelling like funky cornchips.” I knew what he was [...]