October 2008
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show # 12 My Buddy Butch Talk Show – Special Music Show For Pets

Well, I’ll tell you what. I have decided to move the after show links and comments to our blog right here! This way we can keep you updated on the show and you can also see what Butch and I are up to at the same time!  We had a really fun show tonight with 3 great guests. As a producer myself, I always enjoy working with other musicians and writers and tonight was no exception. Be sure to Listen to this show for the music clips of these CDs!

If you don’t smile after hearing today’s guests and their music…you really need to see a professional care giver of some kind.

First up was Skip Haynes from The Laural Canyon Animal Company . They have been featured all over the United States in major broadcast media and in Print. Check out these great CDs as they make great gifts for the upcoming season!




Green ChickenSongs that make dogs happy


Dr. Patrick Mahaney of California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness joined us for the Vet Questions of the Week: Why do dogs need “Anal Sac Expression?” a messy but necessary issue important to the health of your dog!What a better way to follow that topic than with the “Pooper Scooper Polka!” CheriThurston of Polkatherapy.org who has put together a fun stress relieving polka project featuring the pooper scooper polka.  

 Bruce Mandel was gracious enough to join us from www.happy2bmusic.com discussing HAPPY 2B MUSICARDS. These are an outstanding gift or pick me up for an animal lover that you know! Great stocking stuffer AND they were nice enough to offer a HUGE discount for the listeners of the My Buddy Butch Talk Show. Go to their site and email them and mention our My Buddy Butch Show in the subject line.


They also donate to their local animal shelters so it is a good way to help an animal.


Product Reviews:

8in1 brand Natures Army Odor Eliminator and Perfect Coat Freshening Sprays.


Hydrosurge Rapid Bath: I have reviewed many products since August and I must say that this one is among the best. Very good quality and as you can see by some of the other blog entries here Butch sometimes really needs it! It is Quick, and very thorough in the cleaning action! This product delivers what it says and the Rapid bath is a winner. It’s a Good buy and gets the My Buddy Butch Seal of Approval!



Be sure to listen again next week and don’t forget that all of our shows are available on Apple iTunes!




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