October 2009
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #59 – Johnny “O” of National Geographic’s Rescue Ink – Kathryn Kirk Handler of “RUFUS” 2009 National Dog Show Canine Ambassador – Bull Terrier Rescue of Tampa Bay – National Dog Show Update – Dr. Patrick Mahaney With The Weekly Vet Topic “Pet Dentistry!”

We really had a lot to cover this week so the show ran over our usual one hour spot. Also you’ll notice that, thanks to the great David Tyler in Montreal Canada, we now have our new radio imaging playing which includes the new My Buddy Butch Radio Show Intro and ending and introductions to the various segments. You have probably heard his voice before David’s voice is on many radio stations across the country and Canada (and around the world for that matter!)Thanks David for a great job giving us some added “personality!” Now …On with the show!


Abusers are losers!

Abusers are losers!

The interview with Johnny O was a great time but we taped it at 6am! We both laughed at the fact that “it’s the middle of the night!” We sounded a little wrung out being that early but we had a good conversation and talked about the fantastic work these tough guys are doing together. Admittedly, the backgrouds of some these guys is not steller but what brings them together is the love of animals and banding together for a cause…rescuing abused, helpless animals and giving them a chance. “Abusers are losers” is the battle cry of this small army of rough looking dudes, and they are not afraid to take on anything when it comes to saving animals. Don’t forget to check out their Web Site and also check out their book titled “Rescue Ink” which we will be reviewing right here at My Buddy Butch! 



Thanksgiving Day on NBC

Thanksgiving Day on NBC

The owners and handlers of over 150 breeds are getting ready for this big event! Kathryn Kirk was Rufus’s handler during the amazing winning streak of this lovable Bull terrier and she joins us to talk about how the handlers are “handling” the upcoming show and how you can become a handler also! There are great programs for kids that would like to enter the show ring also. Kathryn alsgives some important advice to all the handlers!  Check out our “National Dog Show” Page for our coverage leading up to this great event in Philadelphia! (There is also a tab at the top of this page.)

Kathy at Westminster with Rufus. Click Photo




This breed "Demands" to be with their Family!

This breed "Demands" to be with their Family!

I have an affinity to the “bully breeds” which is illustrated in my love for Butch! Butch is a Boston terrier which is a cousin of the Bull terrier as they both came from the same stock. The english bulldog and the english white terrier over one hundred years ago! I know what it takes to live with one of these “Bully” type breeds and can tell you to never mistake plain stubborness for stupidity in these types of dogs. They are one of the smartest  breeds around and they prove it every day! In honor of Rufus we continued with Rebecca Quigly who is the Chairman of the Tampa Bay Bull Terrier Club Rescue Committee. They are rescuing and placing Bull terriers around the country and have specific guidlines that must be met before they will let you adopt. Check out these other sites dedicated to the breed The Bull Terrier Rescue Network is run by the Bull Terrier Club of America and all prospective placements are checked out completely! These dogs NEED to be with their humans and demand to be part of the family. Please don’t adopt this breed as a “Fashion Statement!”



Vet to the Stars!

Vet to the Stars!

October is National Pet Wellness Month! This week we cover your pets oral health. Bad teeth, as in humans, can lead to many problems for your pet and if not treated, even death! Listen to our discussion as we talk about different things you can do to keep your pets teeth in good shape…and of course don’t forget to check out Dr. Patrick’s collection of continuing articles on his Web Site.

With all of the talk about the “Swine Flu” or the “H1N1 Virus” Dr. Patrick also offered information on if this will affect your pets. Check out his article here!



Honoring your Pet for Eternity

After finding my sheet for Peternity that slid under the console last week, I wanted to apologize to Colleen Mihelich of Peternity.com  for forgetting to add her to the blog last week! What she is doing is very important to all that have pets of any kind that they love and I really wanted to let everyone know what a caring and sympathetic person Colleen is! She dropped by last week on the show to talk to us about some of the new things they are offering for pet owners to honor the lives of their best friend after its passing. Don’t forget to check out the Web site also for memorial ideas and items to help kids through the loss of a pet. Colleen is doing a truly wonderful thing!



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Most Pet Owners willing to go Mouth-to-muzzle! – Denise Fleck of Sunnydogink.com was caught doing a CPR demonstration during a training course by the AP and MSNBC! Check out the interesting survey results!

AKC - American Kennel Club introduces AKC Canine Partners Program for mixed breed dogs & their owners.


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