January 2010
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #68 – Dr. Nancy Kay Author of “Speaking for Spot” – Author Connie Gotsch on her novel Belle’s Star – Stacy Thomas of Chicago Canine Rescue is our Rescue of the Week – Callie Novak of Dynamite – Dr. Patrick Mahaney With The Weekly Vet Topic “Pet Safety in your Bedroom”…really?

Speaking  for Spot - Dr. Nancy Kay DVM

Dr. Nancy Kay

Dr. Nancy KayDr. Nancy Kay is a great freind of the My Buddy Butch Show and she has been with us in the past for a few shows sharing tips from her book “Speaking for Spot.” This is a great one stop shop for information on how to take the best care of your dog and how to work with your Veterinarian for your pets benenfit. I keep this book handy and it has answered many questions I had while taking care of Butch in the last year! Great for new and expert dog parents alike. Dr. Nancy joined us to talk about her first hand experience with puppy mills. Often a sad ending and heartbreaking experience, as a Veterinarian, Dr. Nancy sees too much of this going on and she shares a story of a sweet little Boston Terrier that had to be put down because of a genetic defect that just could not be repaired by surgery. If you are planning on a new furry addition to your family you should listen to this conversation!




by Connie Gotsch

by Connie Gotsch

Award-winning author Connie Gotsch’s  novel, Belle’s Star is written from a dog’s point of view. The story follows Belle, a young dog who has never met a kind human, as she is rescued by a young girl named Darcy. Belle is terrified, but other dogs and a cat teach Belle about trust, and she learns how to face the painful issues around her.
It was great to speak with Connie about this book because it centers around a theme that can help kids deal with abuse and perhaps teach them to trust and that not all people are cruel. It also can teach them how to care for another person and even a pet!





Adopt a worthy canine! They have puppies too!

Adopt a worthy canine! They have puppies too!

Stacy Thomas Director of PR for the Chicago Canine Rescue dropped in to talk about their organization. Once you get started it takes a lot of heart to keep up the great work and they have done just that!. Beginning in 2001 they have grown to have their own facility with the help from many volunteers and donations. If you are around the Chicagoland area please look them and if you are not ready to adopt see if you can volunteer to help out and keep off some of the Winter pounds! You can always help find homes for these deserving pets. Check out their web site!
Check out Dynamite Products for your pet!

Check out Dynamite Products for your pet!

Callie Novak joined us to talk about this family business that has been around for years! They know what animals mean to thier owners and know that they want the best for them. Listen in as Callie tells us about Dynamite products and also gives us some winter tips on pet care.



Vet to the Stars!

Vet to the Stars!

This week Dr. Patrick talks to us about “Bedroom Safety for your pet!” Really… what possibly could be a problem in my bedroom? Well, Dr. Patrick has seen many instances where things laying around the bedroom have ended up in pet’s stomach. Listen in on what he has pulled out of a pet stomach you won’t believe it!

Also last week Dr. Patrick gave us a first hand look at a pet that suffered burns and how he is treating it. He has provided pictures but be warned they are graphic. Budda is a sweet little French Bulldog that suffered burns and is now going through treatments to help him heal. I wanted to keep this up again this week because it is important to keep your pet from under your car…and this is one of many reasons why!



WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB - has been gearing up for this year’s show in February. Mario Lopez has signed on as a co-host of the event. And we are gearing up to bring you some great interviews. Stay tuned!

MINE – a new film about the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina and the flood that displaces so many people and pets. OUTSTANDING film and you can buy or rent it on iTunes Here!

GRAMMYS – Well I voted on the Grammys again this year and I can hardly believe it’s that time again. There was so much good material out there it took me a whole week to listen to all of it! It should be a great show this year on January 31st on CBS!

AKC/EUKANUBA CHAMPIONSHIP  - I was in California to check out this Dog Show in Sunny California! We will be playing interviews on the show as the Air Date approaches!

ANIMALS TAUGHT ME THAT - Dr. Kim Bloomer’s New Book will be Released this month – Dr. Kim is a great friend of our show and she is a veterinary naturopath.

SENIORS FOR LIVING - I had the honor of being quoted in an article on this great web site for senior citizens. I had a very nice conversation with Marianne Thomas about how having a pet can help seniors with every day life. I have seen the effect having a dog has had on my 86 year old father, so I can speak first hand on the benefits for seniors that adding this new “family member” can bring to their lives! See the article “25 Reasons Why A Pet Helps You Stay Young At Heart.” 

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICs DOWGTOWN - is starting a new season in January.

AKC - American Kennel Club introduces more new breeds to their lineup of over 170!



My Buddy Butch – Confessions of a New Dog Dad is now on Ebook for your favorite reader including the popular KINDLE! Click here for details and formats! Now available on Amazon.com for your Kindle reader!

RESCUE SHELTERS AROUND THE COUNTRY: Do you know of a reputable pet rescue shelter in your local area? Are you a Rescue Shelter your self? We would love to interview you on our Weekly Pet Rescue Shelter segment on the show and here on our blog! You can be big or small, breed specific or all breed, rescue dogs, and rescue other animals as well! Contact us at info@mybuddybutch.com and put “RESCUE” in the subject line!

MBB RADIO SHOW TOPICS: Do you have a favorite celebrity pet owner? Do you have an important topic that you would like us to cover on the show? Do you have a question about your pet’s care that you would like to ask? Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know! info@mybuddybutch.com

PET OR ANIMAL SICKNESS IN YOUR PART OF THE COUNTRY: Are you a Veterinarian that has noticed a particular problem or sickness in animals and pets in your part of the country? Let us know about it and we can announce it and/or have you on the show to talk about it! info@mybuddybutch.com

LOCAL FUNCTION HAPPENING IN YOUR AREA? We want to know about it and we will even announce it on the show! Email your announcement to us at info@mybuddybutch.com


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