February 2010
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #73 – Wayne Ferguson of the Morris & Essex Kennel Club, Animal Planet’s Joel Silverman on the Killer Whale Incident at Sea World – Jason Bailey of Red Moon Pet Foods on “Build Your Own” – Nicole Forsyth CEO of United Animal Nations – Dr. Patrick Mahaney on the Pet Store Ban in West Hollywood.

This historical show happens only every 5 years! Don't miss it!

This historical show happens only every 5 years! Don't miss it!

Mr. Wayne Ferguson has been involved with dog shows for over 40 years. It would be difficult to find someone that knows more than he does about the stucture of a dog show and even dogs themselves. Wayne Fergusen is the President and Show Chair of the Morris & Essex Kennel Club Dog Show which is steeped in history. Dating back to the 1920’s this prestigious show was started by an individual from one of America’s richest and most famous families, the Rockefellers. Listen to our show this week as Wayne talks about how he discovered the memorabilia that led him to revive this historical dog show. Since this show happens only every 5 years we are going to be covering it every couple of months or so to bring you updates in anticipation of the big event on October 7, 2010…and we will be there also! Special thanks to Wayne for joining us and we look forward to having him on a gain over the coming months! Check out their web site also to view some amazing pictures of shows from the past!



Trainer and Animal Expert Joel Silverman

Trainer and Animal Expert Joel Silverman

Joel used to be a Killer Whale trainer at Sea World and he was kind enough to join us this week to talk a little bit about his experience with these enormous sea mammels and the tragic death of a trainer at Sea world of Orlando this week. These animals are not to be taken lightly. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the trainer that parished.

Joel With Shamu

Joel With Shamu

See all the pictures of Joel working with killer whales, dolphins and dogs at his web site Companions for Life.


Custom Pet Foods to Order!

Custom Pet Foods to Order!

 Founder and President Jason Bailey joins us to talk about a unique way that you can get your pet the exact diet it needs. Don’t know much about pet nutrician? No Problem, Red Moon Custon Pet Foods will make sure that your order is exactly what your pet needs in any circumstance! Check them out!



Bringing Animals Out of Crisis and into Care!

Bringing Animals Out of Crisis and into Care!

Nicole Forsyth CEO of United Animal Nations joins us from Sacramento California to talk about thier efforts in helping to save animals of all types around the country. Founded in 1987, United Animal Nations (UAN) focuses on bringing animals out of crisis and strengthening the bond between people and animals through a variety of programs, including emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education.  Learn more from my interview with Nicole on this week’s show.



Vet to the Stars!

 This week Dr. Patrick talks about the Pet sales ban in West Hollywood that prohibits the sale of pets in Pet Stores in that area. Helping to curb the spread of “Puppy Mill” dogs that are often not well taken care of not to mention sick which can end up costing the new owners hundreds if not thousands of dollars to take care of in addition to the heartbreak of watching the animal suffer and in many cases die or have to be euthanized. Perhaps this type of legislation will be sweeping the country before you know it forcing people to seek out rescue animals as well as reputable breeders for a happy healthy new family member.


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Sign up for our Free Newsletter – The My Buddy Butch Chronicle!



Have pet, will travel
Pet owners are not parting with their animals when they travel, but are instead taking them along. APPA says about 62% of U.S. households have pets, and companies such as bringfido.com, a pet-travel Web site, are finding that traveling with pets is becoming more common. The Daily Reflector (Greenville, N.C.) (2/20)

West Hollywood votes to prohibit pet-store sales of dogs, cats
The City Council in West Hollywood, Calif., unanimously approved an ordinance banning the sale of dogs and cats in area pet stores. The ban takes effect in September. Los Angeles Times (2/17)

Planet Dog and Stonyfield partner on customer rewards
Stonyfield Farm has teamed up with Planet Dog, the socially responsible pet company, on a customer-loyalty program. Points earned by buying Stonyfield yogurt can be redeemed for Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff Ball. The Gourmet Retailer (2/15)

PET FOOD RECALL - Nature’s Variety announced a voluntary recall over possible Salmonella contamination. Read about this on the FDA’s Web Site!

I’M QUOTED IN ANOTHER ARTICLE - FLYING WITH PETS on the Saavy Explorer about an experience my Dad had while traveling with Buttons to Florida.

ANIMALS TAUGHT ME THAT - Dr. Kim Bloomer’s New Book will be Released this month – Dr. Kim is a great friend of our show and she is a veterinary naturopath.

SENIORS FOR LIVING - I had the honor of being quoted in an article on this great web site for senior citizens. I had a very nice conversation with Marianne Thomas about how having a pet can help seniors with every day life. I have seen the effect having a dog has had on my 86 year old father, so I can speak first hand on the benefits for seniors that adding this new “family member” can bring to their lives! See the article “25 Reasons Why A Pet Helps You Stay Young At Heart.” 

AKC - American Kennel Club introduces more new breeds to their lineup of over 170!



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