March 2010
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #76 – Sam Memmolo of “Sam’s Garage” in Atlanta on Auto/Cycle/Dog Show, Jeanine of Bichons and Buddies Rescue in California – Dr. Donna Spector on Feline Heartworms and Vegan Pet foods for the Vet Topic of the Week.


Sam Memmolo of Shade Tree Mechanic WGKA Atlanta

Sam Memmolo is a name that auto buffs around the country have known well for years. Sam was the Executive producer and host of “Two Guys Garage” on the Speed Network and is the Host of “Sam’s Garage Radio” which airs weekly on WGKA in Atlanta every Saturday morning [...]

Spring Comes Early in Ohio – Butch’s First Day Out 2010!

Butch doing what he does best! Click Picture!

I guess I should apologize for not returning phone calls and emails on Friday but knowing that we were in line for a “Sunny”, yes I said “Sunny,” day approaching 70 degrees, I decided to take a day off and hang out with Butch outside! Naturally, I [...]

Show #75 – Crufts Dog Show in the UK, Jane Miller Author of “Healing Companions” – Dr. Patrick Mahaney “Vet to the Stars” on Buddah the French Bulldog and a Hawk attack on the Vet Topic of the Week.

OK, it was great to get back to the show again. I hate it when things pop up and prevent us from doing what love to do and that is talk to interesting people and bring you a few tid bits of information each week. Our rescue of the week interview ran into a last [...]

Show #74 – Dr. Karen Johnson of the Banfield Pet Hospitals, Heidi Ganahl CEO and Founder of Camp Bow Wow on her new book “Tales From The Bark Side” – Josh Abrams CEO and Founder of – North East Boston Rescue of New Jersey is the Rescue Shelter of the Week.

 Hi again! We’re back! Quite an eventful week. Our main server crashed so I figured I would just work to update EVERYTHING at once and add in a hot spare or two so we don’t have this problem again. The way my mind works is that I would rather do it now, before things start [...]