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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #79 – Denise Fleck of SunnyDogInk.com on a “Pawstronimical” Event in Burbank – Paula Brown Author of “Fur Shui” – Sherri Franklin of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco – Dr. Kim Bloomer of Animal Talk Naturally for the Vet Topic of the Week “Soothing Butch’s Thunderphobia!”

OMISSION – Last week Susan Weiss, founder and natural pet product expert of Ark Naturals joined us and mentioned that she was offering FREE SAMPLES to anyone that would go to their web site and sign up! In my haste to get the blog up I completely forgot to add the link but I did send it out in last week’s “Chronicle.” So here is the link for free samples from ARK NATURALS!  Also, please sign up for our free Newsletter “The My Buddy Butch Chronicle!” This way you won’t miss out on items I forget to post here!


Denise Fleck of SunnyDogInk.com and Burbank Animal Shelter

Denise Fleck of SunnyDogInk.com and Burbank Animal Shelter


It’s that time of year again! Denise Fleck of Sunnydogink.com is helping the Burbank Animal Shelter host its annual CPR demonstration event for pets this weekend. Denise is always great to have on the show and we had fun getting caught up on current events and some safety tips for this spring season. If you are in the LA Area and reading this, go check out the largest gathering of humans for a pet CPR event in the country! Click the picture to get the details!


Fur Shui by Paula Brown

Fur Shui by Paula Brown


Paula Brown was absolutely delightful to talk to on the shw this week. We had a bit of fun with my unfamiliarity with how to pronounce Fur Shui which was derived from the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui (or Shwee or Shway or…). Anyway, I have had this book for awhile and had started reading it only to have to start over because I didn’t want to blast through it. This is a great summer reading book for the beach or by the pool teaching you that your pet does have an energy about them and how it affects you. Your energy or ”chi” affects your pet also! I’m going to do a little experiment, reading the rest of the book, while Paula is in Italy for her book signing, and will have her back on the show to report in my findings with Butch and have her explain to me her thoughts and possibly what I can learn about the environment I have created for Butch! Stay Tuned!




Sherri Franklin of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue joined us this week!


Sherri Franklin of the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco joined us this week for our Rescue Shelter segment. This is a unique rescue organization be cause they specialize in dogs that are 7 years or older. I think this is a great idea and had I known about this years ago when we got my Father “Buttons” Butch’s Mom, I might not have Butch. They have a Senior for Senior’s program which is a great way to give a Senior Citizen a companion that may not need much training. Because all of these dogs are older AND fostered in a home, not a kennel, they have been somewhat trained to behave around a house and are familiar with basic commands. Please check them out and consider adopting!



Dr. Kim Bloomer and Shadrak

Dr. Kim Bloomer and Shadrach

Dr. Kim Bloomer host of Animal Talk Naturally  joined us again this week to talk a bit about essential oils and gave some tips on what I can do to help Butch’s “Thunderphobia!” I’ve already received some great emails from people that have the same problem! She talks about essential oils, aroma therapy, and also a peculiar finding that it is possible that Rabies Shots could be the cause of Butch’s Thunderphobia and loud noises. This is interesting because we are all required to give these vaccines to our pets BY LAW NOT BY CHOICE. Now I get why we do this, to curb the spread of rabies in us humans but is there a better way? Dr. Kim and Dr. Jeannie Thomason were joined by Dr. Patricia Jordan and had a great show of their own this week regarding Vaccines and I urge you to check it out on This week’s Animal Talk Naturally titled Vaccine Insights!  Check out Dr. Kim’s Web Site Aspen Bloom Pet Care and also her new book Animals Taught Me That!

Dr. Kim Mentioned a jacket version of this and I saw a headline this week also for a pet wrap called a “Thundershirt!” This is used to calm animals. Check it out here! 



“THUNDERSHIRT” – claims to help calm pets that are afraid of loud noises. Should I look into this for Butch?

AKC NOW ACCEPTING MIXED BREED REGISTRATION - Have a rescued dog that’s a mixed breed? You can now participate in great AKC sanctioned events around the country!

AT & T TO RELEASE PET COLLAR - Ever get a text message from your dog? Well now you can and he will tell you his location and that he is roaming outside of his designated area!

HEART OF A HORSE - (MBB Radio) Recieves their non-profit status. Check out the Web Site and see what April Horowitz is doing in Calfornia to help these magnificent animals and find out how you can help!

MORE FOOD BANKS HELPING TO FEED PETS ALSO – (NY Times) Animal shelters around the country are being flooded with hungry pets, and to tackle the problem, charitable organizations are setting up pet food banks, with products offered within regular food pantries.

PET FRIENDLY HOTELS FROWN ON DOG POOP (Hariet Baskas MSNBC.com) – Really? They must be kidding. I thought dodging pet poop was part of the experience, part of the essence, and yes part of the BONDING process that makes hotels love it when we bring our pets! I don’t mean BONDING poop to the bottom of my shoes! I’m with you Hariet, if people can’t follow the rules of a hotel STAY HOME! It’s the few that make it bad for the rest of us.

CALIFORNIA PONDERING ‘ANIMAL ABUSERS REGISTRY’  – As reported in an article by Alison Stateman in LA on Time’s blog, California State representative Dean Flores introduced this bill in late February but during a time where not only the State has financial trouble but pet owners are also struggling, can it pass when it needs to be funded by tax dollars? Great idea for the registry…let’s watch this one!

FLORIDA TO ALLOW BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION - (From Pet Product news intl.)Here we go again. I’m getting really sick of talking about this… Senate Bill 1276, sponsored by Sen. Tony Hill, D-Jacksonville, allows “any local government [to place] further restrictions or additional requirements on owners of dangerous dogs.” My Buddy Butch is a very dangerous and deadly dog… to squirrels….

ANIMALS TAUGHT ME THAT - Dr. Kim Bloomer’s New Book is now available– Dr. Kim is a great friend of our show and she is a veterinary naturopath.



SAAVY EXPLORER ARTICLE - FLYING WITH PETS on the Saavy Explorer about an experience my Dad had while traveling with Buttons to Florida. 

SENIORS FOR LIVING - I had the honor of being quoted in an article on this great web site for senior citizens. I had a very nice conversation with Marianne Thomas about how having a pet can help seniors with every day life. I have seen the effect having a dog has had on my 86 year old father, so I can speak first hand on the benefits for seniors that adding this new “family member” can bring to their lives! See the article “25 Reasons Why A Pet Helps You Stay Young At Heart.” 

Date Wanted – Must Love Dogs and Butch! - I was included in an article about Dogs and Dating! Two of my favorite subjects! Dating is tough enough for me with my schedule but now any girl I meet has to pass Butch’s test before we can go on a date! 



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