August 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 8-20-2011




womeninoutdoorsHour 1 – Teresa Carroll of “Women in the Outdoors” and the “National Wild Turkey Federation” joins Jeff to talk about the great programs that they have going on all over the country and the programs specifically for Women and Kids. Ladies, trying to have your spouse or boyfriend teach you how to hunt or fish can be daunting not to mention could end up in an argument! Women in the Outdoors is just the ticket for you. You can learn in the company of other women and TeresaNWTF tells us how. Dr. Patrick Mahaney joins us for the vet topic of the week to discuss his trip to China and do a little compare and contrast with our classically trained veterinarians here in the states. He’s a world traveler so he has seen a lot and knows how Vets stack up!

Hour 2 – Janine Franceschi of Pet Friendly Accommodations World Wide  PAW(Luxury Paw) joins Jeff to talk about their pet friendly search engine which is the only one of it’s kind and what she has been up to since they first met at Westminster in 2009. Janine has travelled the country with her Irish Setter “Bo” to find the best 3-star and up hotels that not only accommodate but cater to you and your pet. Don’t take a trip without checking this out. We are also proud to announce that Janine will be a regular contributor to the My Buddy Butch Show and will be reviewing and talking about the best high end hotels around the country! Ever

Pot Belly Pigs make great family pets!

Pot Belly Pigs make great family pets!

 thought of having a pot bellied pig as a pet. We talked about it before here on the show and Jeff was excited to talk to Vickie Barrow the owner of “The Best Little Pot Belly Pig House in Texas!” Vickie has loved pigs since she was a child on their family farm and has had Pot Bellied Pigs for the last 20 years. She has a state licensed herd in Texas and her pot bellies are highly sought after by those in Hollywood like George Clooney (we all know he had Max), J-Lo, and even Jay Leno has contacted her. Her pigs have been in movies and on TV many times! A very sweet lady doing what she loves!

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