October 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 10-29-2011



Hour 1 – Randi Ragan from the GreenBliss Eco Spa in Los Angeles is with Jeff today to talk about going to a spa to promote relaxation and the great work they have been doing since they started. They are a “traveling” spa and cater to businesses and can even throw a spa party at your place if you are in the southwest! Dr. Kim Bloomer stops in to round out our “All Holistic/Natural” hour to talk about “Cognitive Dissidence” and no it is not some kind of bowel movement that your pets have! It is deferring opinions about a subject in from 2 separate points of view of the truth. There are many beliefs in the pet world about the best care for your pet and it really pays to get al of the information to make the best decisions on everything to toys, food, treats, and anything pet related. As with humans, pets have a varying degree of “opinions” of their own! News & Announcements – Halloween reminder DON’T GIVE YOUR PETS ANYTHING TO EAT OUT OF THE ORDINARY! They really don’t care! Keep candy and treats out of their reach! Also new book by Nathan Wolf on Zoonotic diseases hits the shelves. Canine Influenza may have spread from horses to dogs back in 2004.

Hour 2 – In the intro of the show you hear “and now the man that wants to mow your lawn…” that would be Jeff. With his affinity to working outdoors in nice weather he is interested in all types of lawn care products that are safe for family and for pets and animals. Jackson Madnick founder of “Pearl’s Premium” which is a “people, pet & planet friendly” lawn seed mixture joins Jeff to talk about this revolutionary new seed blend that needs very little mowing, will stay green all year around, and needs much less watering than traditional lawns and grass seed…could this be an end to Jeff’s fanatical mowing on his tractor? The wild animal fiasco in Zanesville Ohio that occurred last week has Jeff up in arms. Ohio is one of the worst states in the USA when it comes to wild animal laws and with the animal auctions that occur in the state it makes it easy for just about anyone to buy a lions, tigers, and bears Oh My(…I just had to) . Why ANYONE would be allowed to own an exotic out side of a zoo or sanctuary is ridiculous. We will be following this story and others around the country to see what is happening with the wild animal laws. Jack Hannah was in on the roundup also.
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