June 2012
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 5/19/2012



Hour 1

“FISH TANK KINGS” is Nat Geo Wild’s latest interesting series about a company called “Living Color” based out of Ft. Lauderdale Florida that actually builds custom fish tanks around the country. Well, they don’t actually build them all the way ”AROUND THE COUNTRY.” There are already fish tanks around the country they’re called “OCEANS!” This show has been getting a lot of Buzz the last few weeks and Jeff has Jose Blanko stopping by to talk about some of the work they have been doing getting ready for this. One interesting project was the Florida Marlins baseball team Aquarium built right into the backstop behind home plate….yes the backstop! Listen in as Jeff finds out about some of the other interesting projects they have done and how to get young people started in the hobby of fish aquariums. Also, Jeff talks in depth about the voluntary Diamond Pet Food Recall, the brands affected and gives you some tips on how to stay safe and actually kill salmonella bacteria that may be in your and your pet’s food.

Hour 2

Getting back into the swing of things and catching up with all of the My Buddy Butch regulars Jeff talks with Certified Animal Behavior consultant Darlene Arden. Darlene’s latest book ” The Complete Cat’s Meow” has won another award and rightly so. YEARS of research and personal experience went into the writing of this book on the care of Felines of all ages, and Darlene shares with us some of the information to help you help your cat. Darlene stays with Jeff the entire hour and they trade opinions on the $60,000 custoday battle going on for a dog between a divorced couple…It’s a real “He said She said” for the pet world! Don’t forget the law looks at your pet like a car, or a stereo, are things changing?

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