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Dove Worldview: My Buddy Butch: Confessions of a New Dog Dad
Jeff Marginean
Jemar Entertainment, Inc. (2008)
ISBN 9780981462103
May 2009: Every dog owner and/or future pet owner should read this amazing book. For those of us who are dog owners and have raised them from pups, we can relate to this book from cover to cover. Those of you who may be thinking of getting a dog will learn some of the things you may expect from that new cute cuddly little animal or even some tips in training. But no matter who you are, reading this book will bring laughs and enjoyment, pet owner or not. Dove proudly awards this book our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal.

My Buddy Butch: Confessions of a New Dog Dad
Jeff Marginean
Jemar Entertainment, Inc. (2008)
ISBN 9780981462103 My Take on the Book: Jeff & Butch's story is truly heartwarming and a breath of fresh air. I love animals and love reading so this was a great fit for me. As a matter of fact I always wanted a Boston…which is what Butch is. So was it not only entertaining but educational. I learned a lot about Bostons from this book. As I was reading I felt like I was there and part of Jeff and Butch's journey together. I laughed and cried. Butch really is a handful at times and gives Jeff a run for his money. As for being a “New Dog Dad” Jeff definitely fit that profile. His research on how to care for Butch and his calls to the vet every time he thought something was wrong with Butch reminded me of being a New Mom. So if you are a Boston lover or just a lover of good books, you should check it out . - March 2009 - Amber @ A Little Bit Nutty

My Buddy Butch: Confessions of a New Dog Dad
Jeff Marginean
Jemar Entertainment, Inc. (2008)
ISBN 9780981462103
Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (12/08)
Oh my goodness, what a great feel-great book. How refreshing in a time when there is so much negativity in the world. “My Buddy Butch” is a great story about how a little sassy Boston terrier gives Jeff Marginean a new lease on life. When Jeff and his sisters decide to get his dad a little Boston terrier to keep him company after the death of his wife, they didn’t know the greater impact
this small decision would make. Falling in love with this little doggie, Jeff often visits his father and finally makes the decision to get a little bundle of joy all of his own. Jeff is instantly engulfed in parenthood and all the trials and tribulations
that go along with it. Many tales from this new dad dog will have dog lovers rolling in the floor. Chapters such as “Grooming, Dating, and the Chick Magnet” and “The Smartest Dog of All Time” seem written by any person who has that special bond with their canine offspring. A book to be cherished and embraced by all, I found this chapter near the end of the book to be phenomenally
“I have had a good life and it is, hopefully, far from over but things have drastically changed over these many years and not all for the better. It’s a time when society seems to be crumbling before our very eyes; natural disasters are occurring somewhere in the world every few months; terrorists and lunatics are prowling the streets, schools, and malls, killing anyone they come across;
government running amok; wars being fought; racism of every kind still dividing countries and people. Yet with all of these things happening around us, there is something about looking into a dog’s eyes that calms the worry of the day. It is a peace that can be found there based on an understanding that we as humans have not yet learned.”
How true is that - Way to go Jeff Marginean! “My Buddy Butch” is great!

“Jeff Marginean has learned a lot from his buddy, Butch. His thoughts on dogs and what their presence adds to a single man’s life will be especially meaningful to male readers. Butch’s photo is so endearing—I encourage visits to where perhaps the author will post more. Thanks, Jeff, for introducing Butch and describing the happy, loving, and practical aspects of living with a dog.”
-Janice Phelps Williams ~ author of Open Your Heart with Pets: Mastering Life through Love of Animals

This is a really endearing book.  Jeff has put his heart and soul in it for all to see.  Maybe not a "manly man" thing, but a thing of beauty and sensitivity - allowing his love for Butch to shine through every word.  My Buddy Butch had me alternately laughing out loud until I cried and crying because my heart was feeling so much love coming through Jeff's words.  Definitely a "suggested reading" on my list.

Joy Turner ~ Talk With Your Animals, Animal Communicator

“Reading My Buddy Butch was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! Half way through the book it made me almost want to have my own dog again.  Then, when I feel tempted to get a dog, I read the next chapter … about one of Butch's antics … and say ‘Well, maybe next year.' The book reads so easily,  each chapter is like a welcomed phone call from a friend who just phones to check in and share the latest family news.  I look forward to your next ‘call...'" Fr. Jay Clarke – Pastor, Saint Paul's Catholic Church, North Canton, Ohio

"My Buddy Butch: Confessions of a New Dog Dad is an endearing romp through the lives and rituals of Jeff and his new Boston terrier pal. As you read, you feel like a fly on the wall or, at the very least, one of Jeff's neighbors, driving by and seeing him play ball with Butch out in the yard. Dog lovers will of course enjoy this book but fellow Boston Terrier fanatics will especially laugh at Jeff's descriptions of those Boston traits we know so well: reverse sneezing (AKA the snorffles!), the breed's innate athleticism, that infamous Boston tenacity and of course, the silent yet deep bond we share." - BJ Gamboa ~ - A Boston Terrier Board
"Over the years, I have trained hundreds of dogs and owners in my training classes.  I love all the dogs I train but, Butch was a standout way back in Puppy Class.  Not only was he a cutie with that blue eye of his, but his personality was infectious!  Jeff tried his darndest, but when Butch was done working , he was DONE.  He became a Boston terrier rug lying on the floor.  Jeff was so patient but, no amount of coaxing would get Butch to move!  You might say he was our class clown!  That stubborn little puppy went on to earn his Canine Good Citizenship Certificate!  It's been the greatest pleasure working with both Jeff and Butch over the past few years!  All dog lovers will enjoy this read!" - Leslie Jeandrevin ~ Professional Dog Trainer
"My Buddy Butch: Confessions of a New Dog Dad is a delightful story of how determination and ingenuity really pay off when you love your four legged buddy! Jeff has really worked hard with Butch, and his hard work has resulted in a true little buddy!" Cheryl Swart-Nist ~ Professional Dog Trainer
WOW!  I laughed, I cried..this is really a fun read and great book for anyone considering  parenthood for a new pup ... With his endless antics, My Buddy Butch ... would make a great cartoon!~MJ Lallo - Producer, Mj Productions,  Los Angeles, California
My Buddy Butch by Jeff Marginean is a must read for every lover of the Boston Terrier. He has captured in anecdotal style the personality of every Boston . As Boston owners my wife and I can testify that the experiences we read about in the pages of Jeff's book certainly demonstrate a sensitive definition about what constitutes the unique personality of the Boston Terrier. I was captivated from the first chapters of the book by Jeff's breezy, personal style, a style that not only brings Butch's persona into focus, but also tells us in great detail about Jeff himself and his love of and dedication to this little black and white bundle of energy. The closeup of Butch's head on the cover of the book prepares the reader for the intimate, detailed set of experiences that lie within the covers. Anyone who has ever owned a Boston will recognize the special bond that exists between Jeff and his Buddy, and will revel in the stories about Butch told with clarity and enthusiasm. In a sense the story of Butch is a kind of reality novel; the reader hurries on to the next page and the next and the next as Jeff and his buddy learn about each other and Butch learns what it means to live in a loving, caring household. If anyone thought that they might like to become owners of a Boston and knew nothing of the breed, they would soon learn what the pleasures of owning a Boston are as well as some of the painful experiences such a dog brings with him to a family. Anecdotes that detail the tearing up of the carpet in a bedroom to get at the padding, the untiring energy they give to balls and toys, the engineering tendencies of the Boston to rearrange things in their homes to suit themselves better, the loving affection of a dog for a beloved owner, special painful experiences of losing the dog only to discover it was snuggled into its favorite blanket oblivious to the turmoil he had generated in his master, the philosophical questions about the souls of animals, and speculations about why people such as Jeff value the experience of living with a dog are all strongly and lovingly explained.  Jeff is a great storyteller and I guarantee that in the pages of this book there is never a dull moment.  I was sorry that the book ended. Perhaps Jeff will write of his further adventures with his buddy Butch and share with a readership that will be quite large new insights into Boston behavior.  I recommend this book to anyone who ever loved a dog, owned a dog, petted a dog, or longed for the companionship of a dog.  Your life will be greatly enriched through the pages of this delightful and engaging volume.            Samuel H. Vasbinder, Ph.D ~ Senior Lecturer, Department of English, The University of Akron

Heads up dog lovers! There's a new story about the special bond between a man and his best four-legged friend that is bound to make you smile, laugh, nod your head in agreement and even shed a tear or two. Jeff Marginean's debut book, My Buddy Butch: Confessions of a New Dog Dad will have dog enthusiasts giggling and laughing at the exploits of a plucky Boston Terrier as he trains his new parent. My Buddy Butch begins well before Butch, the aforementioned Boston Terrier, enters Marginean's life. The book opens with the passing of the author's mother, a woman who obviously had a huge impact on his life. When Marginean's sister suggests they get a dog for their grieving, lonely father, the author reluctantly agrees to consider the idea. Deciding that the new pet should be a Boston Terrier is easy as their father had once bred the handsome dogs. Soon an adorable puppy, later named Buttons, is purchased and moves in with their father. Marginean recounts the early days with Buttons progressing to when Buttons has her first litter of pups. At this point, Marginean decides he is ready to have a dog of his own. But which puppy will he choose? Marginean has the pick of the litter and once the decision is made, life with Butch begins. My Buddy Butch is full of wonderful, humorous vignettes as Marginean learns what it means to own a dog. As the chapter, ‘Terminator Puppy' so aptly describes, Butch is a rambunctious, destructive puppy who terrorizes his toys and house. This section is quite funny and I often found myself laughing at Butch while I also reminisced about my own dog's puppyhood. Beyond the stories of training a puppy, Marginean recounts many daily adventures with Butch -- there's the search for a toy that can survive his destructive inclinations, Butch's hunting preferences, and what it feels like to wake up to the very aromatic tail end of Butch in his face. Thanks to his spunky, opinionated dog, Marginean is introduced to many new friends, from the supermarket where he buys so many dog toys, to obedience school. Marginean also slowly comes to realize that his time with Butch, enjoying simple pleasures, is much more fulfilling than rushing around with his busy daily schedule. In essence, Butch teaches him to slow down and smell the roses. It was touching to read a grown man admit this so openly. This dog story relates the many adventures the author has had with his beloved Butch, and this is where the writing shines. But there are also several sections where Marginean goes off subject to discuss topics such as buying a second dog, or when he becomes philosophical and digresses into a short treatise on whether dogs go to heaven. It is here that the writing tends to wander. These sections are not nearly as entertaining as the tales that deal directly with the antics of Butch.

Feathered Quill says: "A charming story about the love between a man and his beloved Boston Terrier." Spotlight Reviews My Buddy Butch: Confessions of a New Dog Dad. Reviewed by: Ellen Feld of the feathered Quill Review Date: November 24, 2008

Fellow dog "dads" and "moms" will enjoy and totally relate to the many funny moments Jeff goes through with his buddy Butch.  From phone calls and trips to the vet, hilarious dog obedience training sessions and escapades at home -- what a ... fun read!
Janet Priborsky~ Artist
"Jeff easily connects with the reader with his conversational style that is easy to read. He has written an entertaining story about Boston terriers, life, love and relationships. You come away from this experience knowing you made two new friends – Jeff and Butch." Pat Quinn~ TimkeNet News




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