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In "My Buddy Butch - Confessions of a New Dog Dad" There are many topics about introducing a new puppy into your life. Some are humorous and some are serious. One of the more serious, or rather, important points that the book addresses is the process of bonding with your dog. There are many facets to the bonding process but some discussion points are:

  1. Always begin play with the exact same "special" toy every time you play. This toy will be used as a communication tool by your dog throughout its life. Get one that is easily replacable.
  2. Always be consistent with your dog in everything you do to build the trust factor which creates the bond.
  3. Dogs are creatures of habit and like routine. The quicker you establish a routine, the easier they will be to train and the happier you both will be.
  4. Never trick your dog for any reason at any time especially when you are getting to know each other. This goes for a puppy or adopted dog alike.
  5. Never startle your dog on purpose for any reason. This will only serve to break the bond you have built up and you will be starting from zero again.
  6. Never hit your dog for any reason, at any time, no matter what the circumstance. This action blocks some of the trust that needs to be built. Your dog needs to trust you in all circumstances no matter what they do that might anger you. The root of most (not all) problems can be traced back to the owner not thinking far enough ahead to keep thier dog away from circumstances that will get them into trouble. Butch might be able to talk to me
  7. Take your dog with you wherever you go whenever you can. There are some businesses that will not advertise it but will allow your dog to go inside with you as long as they are well behaved and not relieving themselves in the store. I always ask first but many let us enter with no problem.

Pets For The Elderly :

Everyday in the world there are people losing loved ones in many ways. This leaves a heartbroken feeling of despair and lonliness in many, especially the elderly who have lost a spouse of many years. This was the case with My Dad when mom passed away. He was alone for the first time in nearly 60 years and quite possibly for the first time in his life. Introducing a pet into his life at this point was a God send. It filled his days, gave him something to love and love him back, and more important something to fill the void that was there after mom was gone. Discussion points are:

  1. Searching for a pet for an elderly owner can be fun. Contact your local Humane Society and local shelters and make a day of it. Go to lunch. Many older people may fight the suggestion ... until they see those soulful eyes staring up at them saying "pick me!"
  2. Adoptable or rescue pets are particularly attractive for elderly owners because many of them already have some type of training and are usually house broken.
  3. Adoptable pets have usually been checked by a vet and have recieved proper medical care.
  4. The pychological affect of having another being in an otherwise empty house can be very comforting for an elderly person.
  5. Being able to share love with a dog that really needs it can help both the person and the pet.
  6. Even the process of helping an elderly person find a dog can do wonders for you also. There is a certain bond that grows between family members or friends that help choose an animal for a parent or grand parent.
  7. A dog is always a good conversation starter for those who have trouble relating to people after the death of a spouse. They will always be willing to talk about something related to the dog which can lead to more delicate topics not easily breeched.
  8. In most cases the cost of adopting a pet is a small fraction of buying a purebred puppy.
  9. You can find purebred dogs of every kind in shelters or through rescue organizations nationwide.
  10. Puppies are a handful for anyone and will cause more work in training and cleanup. An older dog is the best way to go and you will be saving a life.

Best Friend For Life:

Being a busy producer, engineer, and writer I was constantly on the go. Filling my hours, weeks, and days with seemingly noble pursuits and objectives, I missed much of what life is about. Having Butch opened my eyes and my heart to a completely different mentality that I never knew was there. I always liked dogs ... just other people's dogs. I never knew what it meant to be responsible for another life until now. Discussion points are:

  1. Sometimes it takes a curve that life throws at you to open your eyes to what really matters.
  2. Caring for something outside of yourself opens an entirely new world, gives meaning, and teaches you how to love and respect another of Gods creatures.
  3. The unconditional love that you will recieve from a dog is unmatched by any other creature on the face of the earth.
  4. Unfailing loyalty deserves nothing less in return.
  5. The benefit of the stress relieving effect that just petting a dog can have will melt the cares of the day away..
  6. It is a very rewarding responsibility to care for a dog, and the dog somehow knows intuitively that you care and will return the love.
  7. A dog is a great to meet new people also.
  8. A best friend, companion, and at your side night and day, a dog will be your best friend for life!

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