February 2008
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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With all of the uproar we have heard in the past year or so about lead contaminated children’s toys and products coming from China, I have heard very little regarding the lead content of products being sold as “Pet Toys.” I was walking through a pet store the other evening with Butch, looking at all of the plastic “painted” pet toys that were available. They say that the largest source of lead being imported into the USA is in the paint on items coming from China in toys. Now, where do you think that the fake plastic porkchops, plastic feet with big toes, and balls, not to mention the food/water dishes that we buy for our pets are made? Hmmm…I’ll give you one guess…. yeah, that’s right, China! Surprisingly, a broadcast that I saw on an ABC affiliate here in Ohio reported that most toys which they tested were well below the acceptable limits of lead content, making them safe for your dog. However, there were a few products namely a ceramic bowl painted with designs with lead based paint that was well above the acceptable limit. The report said that the only way for your pet to have a problem with this, is if the bowl broke and it ate the pieces which is unlikely in most cases. In any case, it seems that there should not be a problem with most of the toys that are available and I do not intend to throw away any of Butch’s toys right now but I will be looking for toys and products made in the good old USA. Also, the dish that I mentioned did carry a warning label underneath that said “contains lead – do not eat.” It’s a good thing that Butch can read because I would have missed it! Butch & I will be keeping our eyes out for more hazards that we can let you know about in the future.

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