June 2024
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Release of Film Trailer for Upcoming Book!

Hi everyone! I FINALLY want to announce the World Wide Release of the film trailer for my upcoming book “I’ll See You When I Get There,” the latest in the My Buddy Butch Series. Check it out and see how My Buddy Butch marches on…


My Buddy “Butch” Passes Away

My Buddy Butch

It’s is with great sadness that I have to report that my buddy “Butch” had to be put to sleep. He put up a galant fight against the brain tumor he was diagnosed with on February 23rd but despite our best efforts the tumor had quickly grown beyond the controllable range of [...]

National Geographic Channel Premiers “SUPERFISH: Blue Fin Tuna” This Thursday!

I had the opportunity to speak with Marine Biologist Rick Rosenthal today about his work filming the Blue Fin Tuna. Now, everyone that is into wildlife knows that National Geographic is second to none when it comes to bringing interesting wildlife documentaries to the screen. This is no exception and Rick, who did the [...]

My Buddy “Butch” Diagnosed with Brain Tumor


I began reporting after Christmas on the radio show that Butch was not feeling well and we were stumped as to what the problem might be. Well, the worst of all news has come to pass regarding the illness and the Seizures that he began having in January. With only a few weeks of [...]

My Buddy “Butch” at Ohio State Center of Veterinary Medicine

Jeff and Butch bringing you important information on caring for your pets!

Note from Jeff:

I have been at the Ohio State University Center of Veterinary Medicine the past week to have a complete neurological work up and MRI done to get to the bottom of Butch’s seizures. So I have been out of the studio [...]