December 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 12-17-2011

This week – Hour 1 – Mark Clement is the Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Gamma2. Now you may know Gamma2 by another name “Vittles Vault” and they have been around for awhile and are available …literally everywhere. These specially designed environmentally tight containers and systems are made to keep your pet’s food fresh [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 12-10-2011

This week – Hour 1 – National Geographic’s award winning series Alaska State Troopers is now in it’s third season. Dan Stern, writer and executive producer of the series joins Jeff to talk about what it is like spending a whole year in Alaska to film the series and some of the things that [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 12-3-2011

Animal Poison Control Center

This week – Hour 1 – The ASPCA has a great web site not only for their Animal Poison Control Center that can help pet owners in an emergency 24/7, 365 days each year but also for holiday do’s and dont’s with your pet. Jeff goes down the checklist [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 11-26-2011


This week – Hour 1 – Have you seen the movie “Secretariat” yet. Well this Disney movie naturally documents what many call the greatest race horse of all time. However, would he have been as great if he did not have an arch rival pushing him? “Sham – Great Was Second Best” is [...]