December 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 11-26-2011



shambookThis week – Hour 1 – Have you seen the movie “Secretariat” yet. Well this Disney movie naturally documents what many call the greatest race horse of all time. However, would he have been as great if he did not have an arch rival pushing him? “Sham – Great Was Second Best” is a book by Phil Dandrea and Phil joins Jeff this week to talk about the research he did on this other great horse that many have overlooked over the years. Also, Dr. Shelly Rubin stops by for the Vet Topic of the week. Seeing all the dogs in close proximity at the National Dog show, Jeff questions what precautions are needed to make sure disease does not spread between dogs. Pet owners taking pets to training or boarding need to know about this. Dr. Rubin also talks more about the research going into a possible resistant strain of heartworm. Now this is only research, and some of the things that they are looking into include pets that have tested positive even though they have been given preventative medication. Was it administered properly by the owners or is this a new type that we should be aware of? Also news and announcements…Butch Loves Chicken jerky but now there has been a problem reported with jerky imported from….guess where…

Hour 2 – It’s catch up time! Jeff spends time after falling way behind on emails, products and interviews! Thenbcsportsnationaldogshow National Dog Show Presented by Purina was this past week on Thanksgiving day. Jeff attended the event and has a few interviews and had a quick chat with Mary Carillo, David Frei, and John O’Hurley who was actually opening on Broadway in the show “Chicago.” This (and any pets show) is always a great event for the whole family and being the 10 year anniversary it did not disappoint. You will also meet a 10 year old brand new junior handler and hear how she got involved with showing dogs. RECALLS – Do you have any idea how many recalls there have been in the last 4 years? About 80 Cat food brands, about 120 Dog food brands, 9 horse food brands and even a reptile food… Well Jeff goes on a rant about it! He bets that a brand of something that you give to your pet has been involved. Learn how to find ALL the brands that have been recalled. Also, Family Movie update from the Hallmark Channel and Dove Foundation for the upcoming holidays. News and announcements.

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You really do need to continue heartworm preventative ON TIME ALL YEAR!

You really do need to continue heartworm preventative ON TIME ALL YEAR!

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