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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Budweiser’s Commercial Wins 2014 Big Game #1 Ad…Again

Thanks to our friends at the Today show here is a look by NBC’s Joe Fryer of how this great commercial was made. It took 8 trained puppies and 17 trained horses to get all of the shots needed for this touching 60 seconds.

Wake Up America and Smell the Jerky!

Hi everyone. Even though I have been taking a much needed break, my mind is not far from the articles and issues that surround folks and their pets. While writing this next book and doing a tremendous amount of filming this summer, I have been cruising the web and my emails semi-regularly and I have [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 6/16/2012

Hour 1

Did you know that 5500 are dogs euthanized every day ….yes every day in the USA? Mark Barone and Marina Dervan,  have created ‘An Act of Dog’ which is  Non-Profit organization for the sole purpose of protecting the lives of our beloved Companions, by ensuring that all of America’s Shelters adopt the [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 6/9/2012

Hour 1

Author Mark Raab joins Jeff to talk about his book “HOMER.” Mark talks about the book where Cliff Thompson discovers his puppy, Homer, has a gift. He can talk. A lot. When Beth and 10 year old son Kevin move in down the street, Homer thinks he may have found what he’s been wanting for so long–the love [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 6/2/2012


Hour 1

Have you ever wanted to know what exactly an “Animal Communicator” actually does? Well, Paula Brown, a great friend of the show gave Jeff the gift of a communication with Butch and Jeff captured the conversation. Paula is a much sought after animal communicator and you may have seen her on TLC [...]