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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Sochi officials order killing of stray dogs to prep for Olympics

A friend of mine in England sent me this post today. I told her it was on our news here in the USA also.

The Russian city of Sochi has quietly hired a private company to carry out a mass cull of its stray dogs ahead of the upcoming Winter Olympics. Alexei Sorokin, director general of [...]

Budweiser’s Commercial Wins 2014 Big Game #1 Ad…Again

Thanks to our friends at the Today show here is a look by NBC’s Joe Fryer of how this great commercial was made. It took 8 trained puppies and 17 trained horses to get all of the shots needed for this touching 60 seconds.

Wake Up America and Smell the Jerky!

Hi everyone. Even though I have been taking a much needed break, my mind is not far from the articles and issues that surround folks and their pets. While writing this next book and doing a tremendous amount of filming this summer, I have been cruising the web and my emails semi-regularly and I have [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 5/12/2012


Hour 1

This week - Butch Passed away on May 1st. Jeff is now flying solo for the time being and he talks about what it was like caring for Butch during this difficult period and the responsibility that we pet owners must have if we are to do the best we can. After all, [...]

My Buddy “Butch” Diagnosed with Brain Tumor


I began reporting after Christmas on the radio show that Butch was not feeling well and we were stumped as to what the problem might be. Well, the worst of all news has come to pass regarding the illness and the Seizures that he began having in January. With only a few weeks of [...]