March 2008
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Our Bond is Our Word!

Bonding is one of the most important, fulfilling, and rewarding aspects of obtaining a dog. The benefits are immeasurable for both you and the dog not only from a physical health stand point but also for improving and maintaining mental health as well. There are many ways to bond with your [...]

Expressing Our Anal Glands – Ready …1-2-3 GO!

Ah yes, Who doesn’t like to express their anal glands every now and then? No… it’s not that!  During our last trip to the vet which I mentioned yesterday, while checking Butch’s teeth, Dave asked has Butch been scooting lately? I thought, Here we go… Butch is not going to like this! I told Dave [...]

Butch – The Toothless Hockey Goalie

Butch and I made our semiannual trip to the vet yesterday. Butch always knows exactly where we are going well into the trip. He seems to know just where we are and starts to quake knowing that we are headed to the vet which usually means some type of uncomfortable anal probing for him. Being that [...]

Train or Not to Train?

Looking out on one of our dreary, rainy days today that Ohio is so famous for, my mind began to wander thinking of the warm beautiful days of last summer and all of the things Butch and I did together. The good times also reminded me of how fast things can go sour if you are not careful with your [...]

Tire Fire!

Last Tuesday really early in the morning I woke up before light about 5:30 am and in my fog I didn’t realize why I even woke up. Pausing for a moment, thought I smelled something burning like…I can’t quite place it…burning car tires or a clutch on a car that had burned out. Just then [...]