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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 4-2-2011


This week: Hour 1 – The the rest of the interviews from the Global Pet Expo from Orlando Florida. Bill from the Playful Parrot in Florida and Interviews from businesses we all have heard of and many new ones with interesting products and services. Sauder wood working, Stella & Cheweys, Litter Kwitter, Quaker/Sherpa, Royal Pet, [...]

Show #81 – Author, Talk Show Host and Animal Communicator Joy Turner – Phil Blizzard Founder of “Thundershirt” – Dawn Smith President of Basset Rescue Network – Dr. Donna Spector with Vet Topic of the week!

Joy with (L-R) Logan, Venus, Mercury, Amira

Joy Turner was back with us back in October of 2008! Wow how time flies. She was nice enough to come on the show back then when we were a very new show and now she joins us again to talk about what she has been up to and [...]

Show #73 – Wayne Ferguson of the Morris & Essex Kennel Club, Animal Planet’s Joel Silverman on the Killer Whale Incident at Sea World – Jason Bailey of Red Moon Pet Foods on “Build Your Own” – Nicole Forsyth CEO of United Animal Nations – Dr. Patrick Mahaney on the Pet Store Ban in West Hollywood.

This historical show happens only every 5 years! Don't miss it!

Mr. Wayne Ferguson has been involved with dog shows for over 40 years. It would be difficult to find someone that knows more than he does about the stucture of a dog show and even dogs themselves. Wayne Fergusen is the President [...]

Show #58 – Barbara Bishop Owner of “RUFUS” Champion and 2009 National Dog Show Canine Ambassador – Bull Terrier Rescue – National Dog Show Update – Dr. Patrick Mahaney With The Weekly Vet Topic!


Rufus – "The King"

Barbara Bishop was kind enough to join us this week and tell us what Rufus has been up to in his retirement years from the show circuit. Rufus was the 2005 National Dog Show Winner and the 2006 Westminster winner just a [...]

Show #57 – Edward Grinnan Editor-In-Chief of Guideposts Magazine – Geauga Humane Society – National Dog Show Update – Dr. Patrick Mahaney With The Weekly Vet Topic!


Edward Grinnan Editor-in-Chief and VP of Guideposts (with Millie!)

Guideposts Magazine has been around longer than I have been alive and is an American Staple. I can remember seeing Guideposts sitting on the counter while growing up or on a table at my grandparents house! It was an honor to speak with [...]