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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 1-21-2012

Hour 1 – The Disney Movie Treasure Buddies is being released to DVD on January 31. Edward Herrmann who stars in the movie as Dr. Phillip Wellington joins Jeff to talk about what it is like being on the set with so many puppies and some of the other animals that joined him. Also [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 10-1-2011


Dr. Donna Spector and "Morgan"

Hour 1 – Dr. Donna Spector, consulting veterinarian and nutritionalist of SPECTORDVM.COM in Chicago joins Jeff to talk about a new revolutionary cat food that treats a condition known as “hypothyroidism” which is a relatively common ailment in cats. Hills pet food released this new food and this will really [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 4-16-2011

This week - Hour 1 –  My Buddy Butch contributor, Attorney Rebecca Lusk from Windy Oak Farm in Maryland joins us to talk about the legal side of boarding horses and any pet actually… There are many issues you need to know about when leaving your horse or pet in the care of someone else. Denise Fleck [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 2-19-2011

OK - So got the Blog up and Running again…only in time to deal with all of the nasty flooding and power outages! So now gotta catch up on all the shows we missed on the blog. We’ll get there so check back again!

Hour 1 – This week Jeff talks with famous sports commentator Mary Carillo [...]

David Frei Expert Analyst and Co-host of the National Dog Show Presented by Purina – Wayne Fergusen President of The Kennel Club of Philadelphia – Donna Paige Executive Producer of the Animal Connection Show – Dr. Donna Spector for Vet topic of the Week


Thanksgiving Day on NBC!

David Frei has been an expert analyst and commentator for the National Dog Show presented by Purina since the beginning 9 years ago. He has participated in every aspect of Dog shows over the years and is currently the Directoer of Communications for Westminster Kennel Club in New York City. [...]