April 2009
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #36 World Traveler Dr. Helen Fazio and Raja, Houston BT Rescue, and Rishi from IDTAG.com


Helen and Raja in Paris

Dr. Helen Fazio and I met in New York during the weekend that I was covering the Westminster Dog Show. She was delightful to talk to then and equally delightful on the air. She shared with us a few issues to consider when traveling with your pet around the USA [...]

My Buddy Butch is Twitterless!

Hi everyone. We have been getting literally hundreds of people connecting with us over the last week or so on twitter and we can’t thank you enough for joining us. But as you may or may not know Twitter has been experiencing problems with their site. Thus, I cannot get to our Twitter  home page [...]

Show #35 Hal Abrams and the Gang from Animal Radio!

Catch the Animal Radio show – 10 years of great Animal Radio Programming

Hal Abrams and Animal Radio! What can I say, these people have it together when it comes to running a great show! They had us in stitches trying to get to the next question! They have been gracing the airwaves for almost [...]

Show #34 – My Buddy Butch – Dr. Donna Spector of HALO and The Burbank Animal Shelter

HALO Pet products are "all natural" and "provide the best in Holistic Pet Care!"

I’m a tough sell when it comes to pet products ESPECIALLY foods and treats. Probably because I don’t believe the first sales pitch I hear until I investigate whatever is being sold to me. I mean c’mon, it takes me 6 [...]

Show#33 – My Buddy Butch – Dr. Kim Bloomer of Animal Talk Naturally – Denise Fleck of SunnydogInk.com – Dr. Nancy Kay author of Speaking for Spot.

What a week! I have one less tooth in my head and it still doesn’t feel any lighter! Thanks to Joe Procario for picking up the slack and all 3 of the great ladies that joined us for bearing with my temporary albeit inconvenient infirmity. Wow, that english is too proper, makes my [...]