June 2024
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #81 – Author, Talk Show Host and Animal Communicator Joy Turner – Phil Blizzard Founder of “Thundershirt” – Dawn Smith President of Basset Rescue Network – Dr. Donna Spector with Vet Topic of the week!

Joy with (L-R) Logan, Venus, Mercury, Amira

Joy Turner was back with us back in October of 2008! Wow how time flies. She was nice enough to come on the show back then when we were a very new show and now she joins us again to talk about what she has been up to and [...]

Show #77 – Columnist Joanne Anderson on the Search for “Sensation,” CEO Steve Cantin on the Columbus Pet Expo, Dr. Mitch Brown on D.E.L.T.A. Rescue in So. California – Dr. Patrick Mahaney for the Vet Topic of the Week

This pointer is "Sensation!"

 Have you seen “Sensation?” Do you see the dog on the logo for Westminster above? Of course you do! This is a painting of the dog Sensation who was the mascot for the Westminster Kennel Club in New York! This is a “Pointer” which is a hunting dog and a member [...]

Oh, to be in Ohio in February!


Click this Pic to make it BIGGER!

It’s about this time of year when me and Butch have just about had it with staying in the house every day. Since Butch can’t change his permanent Tuxedo and wants to shread every coat I’ve tried to put on him he prefers to romp in the snow [...]

Please Help Tinkerbelle and National Dog Day!

Our dear friend Dr. Kim Bloomer wanted me to relay this information to all of you to see if you might be able to help spread the word. Dr. Kim wrote a blog post on her Bark-N-Blog outlining the plight of a little dog and the owner Colleen Paige who is the founder of National [...]

My Buddy Butch is Twitterless!

Hi everyone. We have been getting literally hundreds of people connecting with us over the last week or so on twitter and we can’t thank you enough for joining us. But as you may or may not know Twitter has been experiencing problems with their site. Thus, I cannot get to our Twitter  home page [...]