February 2009
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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President Obama Receives Copy of “My Buddy Butch – Confessions of a New Dog Dad”

President Barack Obama and the first family!

I just received word today that our award winning book “My Buddy Butch – Confessions of a New Dog Dad” was delivered to the Whitehouse and to the Obama Family. In partnership with WOW Creations of Hollywood California, JEMAR Entertainment learned today that the the book was delivered to [...]

Show #28 My Buddy Butch Talk Show – American Humane Oscars – The Cavalier King Charles!

The OSCARS! We all love the movies and we all have our favorite actors. Well, do you have a favorite Animal Actor? The American Humane organization is responsible for the caption “No animals were harmed in the making of this film.” They are on all of the set where movies are filmed to make sure [...]

My Buddy Butch Show #27 – WESTMINSTER Part 2

 OK the rest of the interviews from WESTMINSTER and congrats again to STUMP! This show ran over about 15 minutes so it really does make up for the 15 we lost last week! Great how it works out! 

Check out this week’s show for the rest of the Westminster interviews and also [...]

My Buddy Butch Show #26 – WESTMINSTER Part 1

TAAAA DAAAAAA! More technical issues with our feed! Well we were able to get 45 Minutes in before things pooped out on us…probably due to the massive power outages and lines down from the 70 and 80MPH winds that ripped through last night. SOOOO Next week we will extend the show 30 minutes [...]

My Buddy Butch Show #25 – TV Host David Frei of Westminster – Victoria Schade of Animal Planet’s Faithful Friends

OK We had a great show BUT I had a bit of an issue! If you listened to the show for the David Frei interview it did not play initially on the show because for some reason it was not processed! OH BROTHER…that’s show biz! Anyway, we were able to get the interview edited [...]