February 2009
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show #25 – TV Host David Frei of Westminster – Victoria Schade of Animal Planet’s Faithful Friends

OK We had a great show BUT I had a bit of an issue! If you listened to the show for the David Frei interview it did not play initially on the show because for some reason it was not processed! OH BROTHER…that’s show biz! Anyway, we were able to get the interview edited into the show so it should now be streaming and be available for download. If it does not show up you can always hear the interview on last week’s show!

The Westminster Charity for Therapy Dogs!

The Westminster Charity for Therapy Dogs!

David Frei, TV commentator for Westminster Dog Show and the NBC Purina National Dog Show . David is America’s foremost authority on all breeds of dogs and has been commentating for the Westminster Show for 20 years! He is truely a great guy to talk with and hope he will stop back again in the future. David shares his adventures with UNO the beagle, last years winner of the Westminster show, and other interesting facts. David also talks about Angel on a Leash, a great charity that champions working with therapy dogs in health care facilities, schools, rehab, extended care, correctional institutions, and crisis intervention. 


Victoria Schade's Blog

Victoria Schade's Blog

Victoria Schade of Animal Planet’s Faithful Friends TV show and the annual PUPPY BOWL joined us to talk about “Life on The Leash” (which is her really well done blog!) and her training DVD and Web Site “New Puppy Now What?” and also her training site “GoodDogObedience.com” Victoria knows more than a thing or two about dogs so we can’t wait to have her back when her new book  “Bonding With Your Dog” comes out in April. Best of Luck Victoria! Thanks for stopping by!



Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina 

We had Patsy Hinson of the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina join us this week to talk about some of Butch’s distant relatives they have available and their procedures and policies to adopt. Don’t forget to stop by their Web Site and send a valentine! They even made us an honorary member and we are proud to be one! We look forward to a visit to North Carolina later this year to say HI!


Dr. Patrick Mahaney of California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness Vet topic of the week. Dr. Patrick Couldn’t join us this week but he will be back soon!



Tainted Peanut Products and Salmonella from MSNBC.com

AKC Agility competition will air on Animal Planet on February 7th!

Next week we will be talking about the WESTMINSTER trip to New York with interviews so stop by! Also here is the FDA link to our Peanut Recall info. it’s at the bottom of the page.


Listen to the My Buddy Butch Talk Show #25 now Join us again next week! As always our shows are available on Apple iTunes and on our own site. All shows stream 24/7 on our site and can be downloaded in mp3 format from our BTR site.  

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2 comments to My Buddy Butch Show #25 – TV Host David Frei of Westminster – Victoria Schade of Animal Planet’s Faithful Friends

  • Thanks Helen, I enjoyed meeting you also! Look forward to chatting again sometime in the future.
    Jeff and Butch

  • Helen

    Beautiful radio show. David Frei’s Angel on a Leash program does so much to help people in need of the unconditional love dogs provide and, residually, it supports all pet therapy programs.

    Also, Jeff I enjoyed chatting with you at the Pet Writing Conference. That Butch’s one lucky dog!

    Your pals, Helen and Raja

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