August 2009
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #51 – Angel Animals Award Winning Author Linda Anderson, Oshkosh Area Humane Society, Dr. Jeannie Thomason with the Vet tip of the week.

Another week already and we are almost into September. Kids back to school, football is upon us and the cool nights have already started! YUK! This is a great time to start planning that winter reading list so I thought I would start getting some reviews up on our MBB BOOK CLUB page. Don’t forget [...]

Please Help Tinkerbelle and National Dog Day!

Our dear friend Dr. Kim Bloomer wanted me to relay this information to all of you to see if you might be able to help spread the word. Dr. Kim wrote a blog post on her Bark-N-Blog outlining the plight of a little dog and the owner Colleen Paige who is the founder of National [...]

Show #50 – Part 2 with Best Selling Author Sharon Sakson – We discuss the Michael Vick issue – Dr. Donna Spector on Pet Nutrition!

Well, Tornado sirens, Joe getting stuck on the other side of the storm front and flickering power marked our 50th Show! Thanks to Sharon Sakson for hanging in there with me for the entire show and Dr. Donna joining us! I didn’t realize until later that the tornado formed less than a mile [...]

Jeff Marginean named Judge for Prestigious “Mom’s Choice Awards!”

The Best in Family Entertainment


OK, I know… I’m not a Mom. Nor will I ever be a Mom, however, thankfully that is not a prerequisite for being chosen as a judge for the Mom’s Choice Awards! I have been blessed to have won a Mom’s Choice Award as an author and was suprised [...]

Show #49 – MBB Radio, Our First Anniversary! – Best Selling Author Sharon Sakson – Gretchen Fieser of the Western PA Humane Society – Dr. Kim Bloomer on Feeding Your Pet a Raw Diet!


Celebrating our First Anniversary!

When I first introduced the idea in a meeting almost 2 years ago we all thought it was a good idea, but seriously, how could we even develop a show about pets when there are so many others doing it so well for so long? Well, after [...]