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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 9-17-2011



NY Times Best Seller

This week – Hour 1: This week Jeff talks to Senior Editor of Sports Illustrated Jim Gorant about his New York Times Best Seller “The Lost Dogs – The Michael Vick Dogs – A tale of Rescue and Redemption” This is an outstanding book written by someone [...]

MBB Radio Show 7-23-2011


Hour 1

In the spirit of making the most of your summer, which is slowly dwindling away, Pete Fierly of the Pro Football Hall of Fame joins us to talk about the enshrinement festival in Canton Ohio. There are fun family activities going on all week during this national event including the Grand Parade. Check [...]

Show #50 – Part 2 with Best Selling Author Sharon Sakson – We discuss the Michael Vick issue – Dr. Donna Spector on Pet Nutrition!

Well, Tornado sirens, Joe getting stuck on the other side of the storm front and flickering power marked our 50th Show! Thanks to Sharon Sakson for hanging in there with me for the entire show and Dr. Donna joining us! I didn’t realize until later that the tornado formed less than a mile [...]

Dog Fighting NFL style

Michael Vick you make me sick! Hey that rhymes! Cool! Another “super fantastic,” “terrific,” “all star best player in the NFL” is spending 23 months in a federal prison for running a dog fighting pit in one of his houses? Really? I know this is old news but I thought I would [...]