February 2008
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Dog Fighting NFL style

Michael Vick you make me sick! Hey that rhymes! Cool! Another “super fantastic,” “terrific,” “all star best player in the NFL” is spending 23 months in a federal prison for running a dog fighting pit in one of his houses? Really? I know this is old news but I thought I would weigh in on it anyway. Is there a special NFL prison for these guys? Is Vick in the slammer with the rest of the NFL convicts, maybe the Bengals defensive backfield? What is that familiar saying, “To whom much is given, much is expected?”  The more I think about this whole situation the more difficult it becomes for me not to become derogatory. Let’s set aside the fact that this “gifted” or rather “special” individual was supposed to be a multi-million dollar icon for Nike, and other branding companies, and that he has … um … had a $130 Million contract with the Atlanta Falcons counting endorsements. This individual is supposed to be a representative of the NFL, and a supposed “role model” for kids?  Now, let’s just imagine the character of the type of human being it takes to engage in what Vick has been convicted  of … pit fighting dogs, while betting on the winner, then making a show of killing of the losing dog by drowning, shooting, or electrocuting it. Hmmm…interesting. Now isn’t there also an old saying that the punishment should fit the crime? Do you think that the prison guards buy prisoners and then fight them to the death in a ring somewhere? As much as some want to make this a race thing, I don’t believe that it is. I don’t think that the dogs really care what race the people are that are killing them. Maybe people who are convicted of this crime should be put in a ring with 3 or 4 pit dogs that equal their weight and let’s see if they can win! If they lose, should we kill them? I know people may think that I am a little more sensative to this because I own a dog that I care about but actually dog or not, I don’t think that dog fighting is even remotely acceptable. I know Vick is not the only person out there doing this, and gambling is also part of why Vick received the sentence he did, but dog fighting is a growing problem. Just another commentary on our degenerating society. Where does it end …

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