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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 9-17-2011



NY Times Best Seller

This week – Hour 1: This week Jeff talks to Senior Editor of Sports Illustrated Jim Gorant about his New York Times Best Seller “The Lost Dogs – The Michael Vick Dogs – A tale of Rescue and Redemption” This is an outstanding book written by someone [...]

This week Award Winning Author Jenny Pavlovic on her new book “Not Without My Dog!” Dr. Jo-Anne Dixon of the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley in Idaho and Dr. Patrick Mahaney catches us up on the H1N1 issue.

"8 State Hurricane Kate" and the New "Not Without My Dog"


Jenny Pavlovic was with us in the past to talk about her award winning book “8 State Kate” which was the story of a cattle dog that she rescued during her time spent helping the people and animals during the [...]

Ohio House Bill 568-”Euthanize All American Pit Bull Terriers” – NO EXCEPTIONS

As I have said in previous posts here, those who fight pit bull terriers, and harbor or train known viscious dogs should be penalized, stiffly (ala Vick), but those who own and have worked and trained their dogs well should not have to bear the brunt of a “government imposed” law that doesn’t apply to [...]

Dog Fighting NFL style

Michael Vick you make me sick! Hey that rhymes! Cool! Another “super fantastic,” “terrific,” “all star best player in the NFL” is spending 23 months in a federal prison for running a dog fighting pit in one of his houses? Really? I know this is old news but I thought I would [...]