September 2009
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #54 – Dr. Dawn Marcus, MD on “Fit As Fido,” Anne-Mary McGrath on Dog Parks and Dog Fest in Springfield MO., My Buddy Butch Released as EBook!

Let your dog be your personal health trainer!

I have to admit when I first saw another health book with a dog on the cover I thought, Ok…another “It’s great to jog or walk with your dog” book. As I began to read through some of the pages and learned more about Dr. Dawn Marcus [...]

Show #53 – Pet Expert Arden Moore, Lou Criswell of The Stark County Humane Society, Dr. Donna Spector with the Vet tip of the week!

Pet Expert, Behavioralist, Editor, Writer, Journalist, and Talk Show Host ARDEN MOORE

Arden Moore – Best Selling Author and Radio Show host of Oh Behave!

We have had many guests on the show and have spoken to many Pet Experts along the way, but few wear as many hats or “collars” as she puts [...]

Mowing, Music, and My “Muse” Butch!

I wanted to take this opportunity, almost at the end of my proverbial “mowing” season, to write a post based on my reasons for enjoying the “Mow” as much as I do. I have recently had more than a few questions regarding my love for outdoor work, so I thought I would take the time [...]

Show #52 – Supermodel Beverly Johnson, American Bear Association, Ohio Greyhound Adoption, Planet Dog Foundation, Dr. Donna Spector with the Vet tip of the week!

Sorry for the delay in this posting, but after a few urgent issues that needed my personal attention over the holiday weekend I’m finally getting this up! First, we are running this show an extra week due vacations and taking a little break, and second Butch went under the knife today Sept. 10th for his consistently shredded [...]