September 2009
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Show #52 – Supermodel Beverly Johnson, American Bear Association, Ohio Greyhound Adoption, Planet Dog Foundation, Dr. Donna Spector with the Vet tip of the week!

Sorry for the delay in this posting, but after a few urgent issues that needed my personal attention over the holiday weekend I’m finally getting this up! First, we are running this show an extra week due vacations and taking a little break, and second Butch went under the knife today Sept. 10th for his consistently shredded dew claw. His tenacity led him to finally “dispatch a chipmunk with extreme prejudice” and in doing so physically ripped the dew claw out shredding the skin around it. This is the 4th time in 2 years and by far the worst. I had no choice but to have it removed so that he will not hurt himself like this again. I hate to see him in pain and this time he was limping badly so it had to be done. He is doing good now , still limping around, but seems to know why his left leg is bandaged. Let’s see if he gets tired of the bandage by Sunday! OK, Now for the current show…



Supermodel Beverly Johnson - Judge for She's Got The Look!

Supermodel Beverly Johnson - Judge for TV Land's "She's Got The Look!"

I had such a great time with Beverly Johnson that it is a good time for a break and to run the show an extra week! Beverly is celebrating being the first African American Woman to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine 35 years ago this month! Unbelievable!  Check out this feature on Beverly at Vogue’s site. She was delightful to talk to about being a judge on TV Land’s “She’s Got The Look,” running her own business for her line of wigs, extensions, and cosmetics (Amekor) and also about her two Collies Hollywood and Flame! She and her family have had collies all her life so she is no stranger to their antics but these two have been particularly troublesome and being the smartest collies that she has had makes them a bit more difficult. Sounds like a case for Cesar! Beverly’s credits are too many to list here but check out the Web Site! 



American Bear Association

American Bear Association

 Have you ever seen a Black Bear walk through your yard or hear rumors of bears in your area? Well if you have Fido tied up in the yard you better know what to do if you know that there are bears around! We recently had a 250 pound black bear struck and killed by a car when it darted out on to the road at night. 250 POUNDS! Even with my Dainty 6′1″ 260 pound frame I don’t think I would want to even SEE a black bear much less try an “shoo” it out of my yard. Butch however, has no problem “voicing” his disdain with ANY interloper on HIS ground and threatening to take a chunk out of their leg. I don’t think a bear would react kindly to that and might think Butch was a tasty morsel! Rhonda Schrader joins us to talk about what pet owners need to know about these beautiful wild animals and how they usually react to dogs, humans, and their current need to forage for food before winter. Keep your pets, people, and of course the bears safe this season!



Ohio Grey Hound Gathering and Adoption

Ohio Grey Hound Gathering and Adoption

Carol Scarpino of OGGA joined us to talk about the finer points of adopting and owning a greyhound. DId you know that you do not need a lot of land for greyhounds to be happy? Did you know that reace tracks only race these dogs from the age of 2 to 5 years old? Do you know what happens to these fantastic dogs once the racing career has ended? Carol says the tracks are getting much better about working with rescues to find these dogs worthy homes to live out the biggest part of their lives. There is much these great dogs need to learn before they can be placed so listen in and thingk about adopting one ! Also don’t forget to check out their site for the great events they have going on and some available adoptions. They have a great function going on this weekend Sept. 13th in Lousiville Ohio.



The Planet Dog Foundation Helping provide Therapy and Assistance Dogs!

The Planet Dog Foundation Helping provide Therapy and Assistance Dogs!

I really can’t say enough about these people and this company. Planet Dog Foundation is leading the pack as far as I’m concerned, helping other organizations do what they do best: provide service dogs to those in need.  Since 2006 they have given away more than $500,000 in cash grants and in-kind product donations and Kristen Smith joined us to talk about WOOFMINSTER their 4th annual fundraising event in Maine. This is a first class operation run by first class people and Kristen is a great example. She has been with us before and we definitely want her to come back! See what WOOFMINSTER is all about and if you are in Maine Sept. 19th you might want to check this out!   



HALO Pet products are "all natural" and "provide the best in Holistic Pet Care!"

HALO Pet products are "all natural" and "provide the best in Holistic Pet Care!"

Dr. Donna Spector drops by to talk about September which is National Preparedness Month! Do you have everything you need in case of an emergency? Well here is some info that Dr. Donna wants us all to know:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has named September the sixth annual National Preparedness Month.  Americans are encouraged to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes and communities.  Since pets are vital members of many American families, it is important to prepare for them as well.  The American Veterinary Medical Association offers an excellent free brochure titled “Saving the Whole Family” and includes both small and large animal tips for creating an evacuation kit and plan for your furry family. You can Download it right here! 



My Buddy Butch – Confessions of a New Dog Dad WILL be released on Ebook for your favorite reader including the popular KINDLE! Stay tuned for upcoming details!

RESCUE SHELTERS AROUND THE COUNTRY: Do you know of a reputable pet rescue shelter in your local area? Are you a Rescue Shelter your self? We would love to interview you on our Weekly Pet Rescue Shelter segment on the show and here on our blog! You can be big or small, breed specific or all breed, rescue dogs, and rescue other animals as well! Contact us at and put “RESCUE” in the subject line!

MBB RADIO SHOW TOPICS: Do you have a favorite celebrity pet owner? Do you have an important topic that you would like us to cover on the show? Do you have a question about your pet’s care that you would like to ask? Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!

PET OR ANIMAL SICKNESS IN YOUR PART OF THE COUNTRY: Are you a Veterinarian that has noticed a particular problem or sickness in animals and pets in your part of the country? Let us know about it and we can announce it and/or have you on the show to talk about it!

LOCAL FUNCTION HAPPENING IN YOUR AREA? We want to know about it and we will even announce it on the show! Email your announcement to us at



OHIO GREY HOUND GATHERING AND ADOPTION - is hosting a gathering in Louisville Ohio with games, Silent Auction and a lot of family fun on Sept. 13th! 

PLANET DOG FOUNDATION WOOFMINSTER FUNCTION- Check out this great function from a great company helping rescue orgs with grants around the country!

SEPTEMBER  is also ”Responsible Dog Ownership Days – AKC hosts events to remind us to be good to our buddies!

Metropolitan Dog Club Hosts an Evening and Discussion with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - Seems that I’m not the only one that is still interested in the Michael Vick situation and the dogs of the Bad Newz Kennel because this will be the topic of discussion on September 16th, 2009. 


 Listen to the My Buddy Butch Talk Show #52 now Join us again next week! As always our shows are available on Apple iTunes and on our own site. All shows stream 24/7 on our site and can be downloaded in mp3 format from our BTR site.  

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My Buddy Butch is an Award Winning Book!

 My Buddy Butch – Confessions of a New Dog Dad is a family friendly book and makes a great gift!   AMAZON.COM, BORDERS BOOKS, BARNES & NOBLE

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