August 2009
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #51 – Angel Animals Award Winning Author Linda Anderson, Oshkosh Area Humane Society, Dr. Jeannie Thomason with the Vet tip of the week.

Another week already and we are almost into September. Kids back to school, football is upon us and the cool nights have already started! YUK! This is a great time to start planning that winter reading list so I thought I would start getting some reviews up on our MBB BOOK CLUB page. Don’t forget it IS a club so if you want to tell us what you are reading or make some comments on the books we review please do! Now on with the show!
Devine Messengers of Wisdom and Compassion

Devine Messengers of Wisdom and Compassion

Author Linda Anderson joins us to talk about this award winning book that she and her husband Allen put together. This outstanding book is comprised of over 60 individual stories about pets and how they formed extraordinary bonds with their new or prospective owners. These stories are a touching collection which make you think of your pet from a spiritual level and clearly illustrates the bond that absolutely does form between humans and animals. You can pick this book up and start reading from any page and get something out of every sitting. The “Meditations” at the end of some of the chapters allows you to think about your relationship with your own pet! Simply outstanding! See the web site for Angel Animals and check out all of the books that Allen and Linda have to thier credit!



Oshkosh Wisconsin

Oshkosh Wisconsin

Cheryl Rosenthal joins us from the Oshkosh Wisconsin Area Humane society. Many of the shelters we interview participate in community events in their areas and this organization is no exception. They are teaming up with their local YMCA to host a great family event in one of ther local parks. Now, some parks are not open to animals on a regular basis but occasionally they open ther hearts, minds, homes, and wallets to help the cause of giving a deserving animal a life long home! Check out the web site and try to visit some of the great activities they have planned before the snow flies again! Snow? I can’t beleive I even said that! I should be slapped!



Dr. Jeannie Thomason

Dr. Jeannie Thomason

Do you know what a luxating patella is? No…it’s not a new type of fuel efficient car, it’s not a vacation desination in Europe, it’s not a racing style sail boat but it is a painful condition that many small breed dogs can suffer from and it appears that Butch’s Mom has this condition. What can we do about this? Dr. Jeannie Thomason of Animal Talk Naturally joins us to discuss this. Dr. Jeannie Thomason VND, is a doctor of veterinary naturopathy, certified in small animal nutrition & aromatherapy with 30 years of practical experience in animal health, she has worked with animals holistically since 1984. Having been a licensed Veterinary Technician and later graduating from with her doctorate in veterinary naturopathy, she is qualified and adept at consulting and educating. Dr. Jeannie has written numerous peer reviewed articles which appear in Animal Wellness magazine, Natural Horse, and in the National Breed Magazine for The Boston Terrier Club Of America, Coast To Coast. She is a host (along with her friend and colleague, Dr Kim Bloomer)for the popular internet radio show, Animal Talk Naturally and is currently working on her first book.  A natural rearing breeder of Champion Boston Terriers, she is known to colleagues and friends as one who “walks her talk,” Dr Jeannie has positively influenced thousands of animal owners, sharing her knowledge of natural and holistic animal care. See more about Dr. Jeannie at the Animal Talk Naturally Web Site and The Whole Dog Website!



My Buddy Butch – Confessions of a New Dog Dad WILL be released on Ebook for your favorite reader including the popular KINDLE! Stay tuned for upcoming details!

RESCUE SHELTERS AROUND THE COUNTRY: Do you know of a reputable pet rescue shelter in your local area? Are you a Rescue Shelter your self? We would love to interview you on our Weekly Pet Rescue Shelter segment on the show and here on our blog! You can be big or small, breed specific or all breed, rescue dogs, and rescue other animals as well! Contact us at and put “RESCUE” in the subject line!

MBB RADIO SHOW TOPICS: Do you have a favorite celebrity pet owner? Do you have an important topic that you would like us to cover on the show? Do you have a question about your pet’s care that you would like to ask? Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!

PET OR ANIMAL SICKNESS IN YOUR PART OF THE COUNTRY: Are you a Veterinarian that has noticed a particular problem or sickness in animals and pets in your part of the country? Let us know about it and we can announce it and/or have you on the show to talk about it!

LOCAL FUNCTION HAPPENING IN YOUR AREA? We want to know about it and we will even announce it on the show! Email your announcement to us at



SPCA exec’s Dog Dies in Hot Car- This poor lady must be devestated. It’s a mistake any one of us could make if we are not thinking so take heed!

ART SHOW TO BENEFIT THE RESCUE OF ANIMALS HERE IN OHIO - Artist? Enter your work and make a few bucks!

NBC Sports reports Michael Vick’s plan to pay back 20 million ok’d in court - There is a gnawing question that I have about the whole Michael Vick issue. Now, I know that Joe doesn’t care much for the whole topic because he is neither a football fan nor a Vick admirer, but guess what…I am a football fan and I HOST THE SHOW so HA! There is an underlying moral and spiritual issue here that I’m sure will arise again in time so like it or not we will have to address it again now that he is playing for the Philadelphia Eagles!

Metropolitan Dog Club Hosts an Evening and Discussion with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - Seems that I’m not the only one that is still interested in the Michael Vick situation and the dogs of the Bad Newz Kennel because this will be the topic of discussion on September 16th, 2009. 


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