October 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 10-29-2011



Hour 1 – Randi Ragan from the GreenBliss Eco Spa in Los Angeles is with Jeff today to talk about going to a spa to promote relaxation and the great work they have been doing since they started. They are a “traveling” spa and cater to businesses and can even throw [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 10-22-2011


Hour 1 – We are heading into “Televised” Dog Show season in November and to kick things off Jeff talks with David Frei who is the well known voice of the National Dog Show Presented by Purina on Thanksgiving Day on NBC right after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parage. David is also the host [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 10-15-2011



 Hour 1: This week Jeff goes a bit off the beaten path to talk about a subject that we may not think about often but may be showing up in your town or city in the near future. Nuclear Power! Think you can fit a Nuclear power plant in your city? [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 10-8-2011


 This week – Hour 1: Rocket City Rednecks is a new show on National Geographic Channel about an unlikely cast of good southern folks from Huntsville Alabama. These are not just any good southern folks, these guys are very highly educated individuals that just happen to be Phds in Physics, Engineers, and highly [...]

My Buddy Butch Show 10-1-2011


Dr. Donna Spector and "Morgan"

Hour 1 – Dr. Donna Spector, consulting veterinarian and nutritionalist of SPECTORDVM.COM in Chicago joins Jeff to talk about a new revolutionary cat food that treats a condition known as “hypothyroidism” which is a relatively common ailment in cats. Hills pet food released this new food and this will really [...]