June 2012
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 5/12/2012



Hour 1

This week - Butch Passed away on May 1st. Jeff is now flying solo for the time being and he talks about what it was like caring for Butch during this difficult period and the responsibility that we pet owners must have if we are to do the best we can. After all, If the rolls were reversed and it was possible for Butch to care for Jeff in this situation…we have no doubt that he would do everything that he could….just like we should do everything that we can to help our pets when they are sick or coming to the end of their truly short lives!

Hour 2 – Jeff Continues the discussion and talks about the future of the My Buddy Butch Show without our namesake and reason for being ”Butch” and how things will go on. He introduces the TV show and talks about how Butch’s brother “Bosco” will be filling in for Butch until “Junior” comes along. “Bosco” is the anti-Butch! HA! He is the exact opposite of Butch and maybe that’s why they loved each other so much. They were best buddies and never fought. Bosco (and mom Buttons) is very sad without Butch around. Jeff’s  second book has now been shelved in favor of another book discussing these current issues with Butch and what Jeff did and perhaps might have done differently if given the chance. So here we go again…Jeff will be training a new puppy! Taking us through the entire process of Picking a new partner for the show and TV show, Training this little guy how to follow in KING BUTCH’s paw steps and hopefully live a LONG HEALTHY life! In the mean time keep a look out for Butch’s Buddy of the week! Also Jeff wants to mention the Recall on Diamond Pet Food for Salmonella…of course…

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