June 2012
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 6/16/2012


Hour 1

Did you know that 5500 are dogs euthanized every day ….yes every day in the USA? Mark Barone and Marina Dervan,  have created ‘An Act of Dog’ which is  Non-Profit organization for the sole purpose of protecting the lives of our beloved Companions, by ensuring that all of America’s Shelters adopt the proven and successful lifesaving model. Mark has begun painting portraits of shelter dogs of which some have already been euthanized and some have been rescued. He will paint 5500 dogs, the same number of that are euthanized in one day as a tribute and to raise money for saving these dogs and other animals in shelters from being euthanized. These are two GREAT people who have set their own lives aside to dedicate their work to this cause. See more at Anactofdog.org and read about the meuseum being planned also. News and Announcements. Some stats on Euthanized pets annually from the ASPCA and HSUS.

Hour 2

The Cat Fanciers Association held there annual Great Lakes Regional Cat Show and competition last week in Ohio. Jeff had the opportunity for the first time in his life to attend a cat show and had a great time. This is a great outing for the whole family. Seth Baugh was his tour guide and really gave him an education on the different breeds and how the show actually works. It’s very different from a dog show but just as interesting to see the many different breeds being judged! Interviews from the cat show and Jeff gives his take on the different breeds. There are cat shows going on all over the country every weekend so get out and check it out if you like cats or are thinking of getting a cat. These folks are good people and ou won’t find anyone more knowledgable. See CFA.org for more info. News and announcements – New CPR study yields new solid evidence for the administration of this life saving technique for dogs & cats.

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