June 2012
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 6/2/2012



Hour 1

Have you ever wanted to know what exactly an “Animal Communicator” actually does? Well, Paula Brown, a great friend of the show gave Jeff the gift of a communication with Butch and Jeff captured the conversation. Paula is a much sought after animal communicator and you may have seen her on TLC during the episode with the woman who wanted to clone her dog. Whether you believe it or you are a skeptic of the after life we think you will find this interesting and entertaining. Jeff gves his thoughts and talks about some of the “spooky” things that Paula told him. Interesting if nothing else!

Hour 2

Jeff is currently filming some of the footage for the My Buddy Butch TV Show! He had the opportunity to get out and around to a few pet events and was even chosen to judge one of them. As he was looking around he saw many of the cardinal rules of pet parenting being broken with regard to the heat so he wants to take some time for reminding you about hot day hazards for cats and dogs. Also, Jeff discusses “I’ll Have Another’s” Success by winning the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness while wearing nasal strips…yes Nasal Strips almost like the ones you wear to keep from snoring!  Well, guess what he is not going to be able to wear those in the Belmont race on June 9th in New York…Jeff has serious doubts this horse will finish first without them on the longest of the three races. News and announcements…feral cats with fleas are spreading Typhus and a child has already contracted it. Be careful with your pets during flea season because they can harm your whole family!

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