November 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 11-19-2011



Hour 1 – Pamela Keogh is a NY Times Best Selling Author and she joins Jeff to talk about her new book “Arejackiemarilyn you a Jackie or a Marilyn?” Talking of course about the famous Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. Pamela relays to women in this book the research that she has done on both of these fantastic women on the timeless lessons on Love, Power and Style that they both possessed. Compare and contrast their style and you can see which one you most closely take after…you may be surprised! Bet you can’t tell what kind of pets they had…Pamela talks all about it! Also, some highlights from the National Dog Show Presented by Purina Press conference with David Frei, Mary Carrillo, and John O’Hurley who are getting ready for this year’s even on Thanksgiving Day…and of course a few News stories…did you know that it is also National Model Railroad Month!

threedogzllc200Hour 2 – Debrah Larocque of talks with Jeff about her on-line store which sells unique pet products and being this time of year, everyone is looking for gifts and fun items to purchase. She talks abit about how she got started and some of the new items that she is introducing. Dr. Kim Bloomer stops by for the Vet segment of the week to talk in more detail about the recent national news stories about Salmonella. Oddly enough it’s not your pets that they are worried about it is PEOPLE and how it can transfer to you and your children. With all of the cooking going on this time of year it pays to be extra careful and keep everything clean including your pets bowls EVERY TIME YOU FEED THEM. News and announcements… Don’t forget to sign up for our FREE Newsletter “The Chronicle.” You can catch All our tweets at Twitter! don’t forget to check out our MBB RADIO Facebook page. Become a friend of the show! We would love to have you with us. go to our Archive page to download mp3, Apple itunes, or zune versions of all of our shows!

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