November 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 11-12-2011




 animaljamHour 1-National Geographic is introducing a new web site for kids and reptile expert and host of NatGeo Wild’s “Dangerous Encounters” Brady Barr joins Jeff to talk about it. A fun site for kids, which is a great idea to keep them busy over the holidays, there are hours of fun that can be had here! A game that they can play for free with interactive video and other fun items. Best of all there is a section for parents to help keep tabs on the game their children are playing. It’s National Geographic so you know it’s a good site! Jeff also gives a complete run down on the six new breeds that will make their TV debut on the National Dog Show presented by Purina on NBC on Thanksgiving Day. Jeff talks about the specific breeds and gives summary descriptions on each.This is the fourth year that Jeff had covered the event so he also talks a bit out the procedures that the AKC has in place to register new breed standards and a little bit about how a dog show competition is defined.

Hour 2

pughillAuthor Alison Pace who is a great friend of the My Buddy Butch Show stops buy to talk about her great news that her book “Pug Hill” was released to mass market paperback. She’ll explain what that means and talk about the other outstanding books that she has written. If you are interested in writing you have to read one of Alison’s books…she teaches writing in New York so she knows more than a little bit about writing! Gary Nice joins Jeff from the Canine Cancer Foundation in Phoenix. They have chapters around the country and are doing great work. Unless you have lost a pet to cancer or have lost a pet for any reason you will understand what this research means to many people. Not only that but the same cancers that attack usnationalcaninecancerfound humans also attack dogs and the research being done benefits humans as much as it does dogs! Dogs rescue humans yet again….News and announcements – Report from an ABC-TV affiliate in Cleveland Ohio reports that spot on flea/tick preventative are causing serious illnesses and even death to pets in some cases. Reports from the EPA since 2009 prompted an investigation and a warning in 2010. Reminder – feed your pets pet food NOT human food or table scraps around the upcoming holidays.

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