May 2008
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Butch’s Agricultural Aptitude!

Peed Bush 2Oh, The Horror! The pain! The anguish…Peed Bush

My dead evergreen bushes! Rough winter, I think not. This, as many of you seasoned dog owners out there can tell, is Butch’s handy work! Having a lengthly discussion with Butch about this he brought a few good points forth in his defense. He told me that last summer he noticed that these particular bushes had spider blight and that rather than have it spread to the surrounding flora, he felt that since I failed to recognize it, he would have to use control measures of his own. Knowing that Butch has a marked interest in agriculture and a high aptitude in this arena, I could not argue with him. In all fairness to him, these were replanted more times than I can count so I’m sure they had a problem getting started. Far be it for me to interrupt Butch’s experiments, testing and recognizing  the most pee worthy strains of decorative shrubbery!

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