September 2008
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Try to Remember The Kind of September…

The nights are getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Guess what’s white, cold, and falls from the sky and is coming to a doorstep near you, in the north that is! You got it, snow is staring down at us and saying “just you wait!” I can hardly believe the warm weather is almost gone. It was a disappointing summer for me in that most of the Fridays that I always save to mow the lawn, have a few beers, and push the big ball around the yard with Butch were cooler than I would have liked. We only had a few days over 90 degrees this year and I can’t remember one that fell on a Friday! I like to work outside when it is really hot!

Knowing that we will soon be sequestered indoors for the winter months, Butch and I thought that we should make an exception today and mow the lawn on a Sunday. The afternoon started out overcast but then the sun came out and it turned out to be a nice day. This was cause for celebration so I thought I would break out the only item that Butch will leave his giant ball for, and that is a simple balloon! He went crazy. I couldn’t even get a good picture of him.

2008_0830butchbaloon080009.JPG2008_0830butchbaloon080015.JPG2008_0830butchbaloon080018.JPG(click to enlarge)

It’s no wonder he can catch a squirrel on a flat out run! If you look to the rear of the picture you can see the squirrel’s grocerie store. The black walnut trees right across the street! Butch will ususally lay pointing right at those trees just begging the squirrels to set one foot on our …I mean HIS  yard.

Here is an action shot.2008_0830butchbaloon080032.JPG It always amazes me how I can get so caught up with every day cares, paying bills, going to work, stressing about that damn “check engine” light in my truck, and many other mudane things, that I forget my surroundings. Or, at least put off the more important things for other material items that, in the big scheme of things just don’t matter. I’m glad I have Butch around to remind me to just relax sometimes and smack a balloon around….2008_0830butchbaloon080030.JPG

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