November 2008
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Lucky # 13 – On Halloween… No Less!

Ok, This week’s show was racked with technical issues right out of the gate. First, the switchboard crashed and then we found out that the first 30 minutes of babble was not even airing! Spooky! Especially on halloween eve. Then while airing the “edited” segment with Denise Fleck of Sunny Dog Ink, I inadvertently stopped the roll and had to restart it. Now OK, I must confess that I DID mow the lawn today and those of you that read the book know what that means. But seriously I was in great shape so I think that is was just the scary halloween ghosts that caused all of this ruckus. There, I guess that sounds like a good enough excuse to me! So…to prevent having to reschedule yet another show I just let it reroll creating an overlap of about 10 or 15 minutes. Oh Well… as they say…Onward!

Due to this problem we have to reschedule Barbara Howard to discuss the pet recipes she was going to present. My apologies to her as she had to leave to do her own show The Recipe Box which is also a Blog talk radio offering.

Anyway, we were able to get the interview with Denise Fleck of to discuss the important issue of pet First aid and CPR. Deinise has appeared on Animal Planet’s “The Goomer Has it” TV show as well as on PBS TV’s ”Lassie’s Pet Vet.”  During this holiday season it is important to know how to handle these family emergencies as safely and quickly as possible. We all have the potential to know how to care for our pets as well as our family members but you will need the correct knowledge and supplies to do it effectively. Denise brings a wealth of knowledge to the show and practical tips on caring for your animal in the event that it will need emergency care.

Denise with her Japanese Akita “Haiku”

She also offers Pet First Aid kits as well as Hand Painted Ceramic items on her web site at These are great gift ideas for the upcoming season. Check out her web site for personal stories and other great information on her pet first aid and CPR classes

Denise was a delightful guest and I want to thank her for her diligent persuit of our switchboard during the malfunction. I want to have her on again soon so we can give a recap for the holidays.

Dr. Patrick Mahaney of California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness joined us to discuss the pet question of the week: How Does Chocolate affect my Pet?”

Listen to this show here!

You can also download the Podcast from Apple iTunes! 

 Be sure to join us next week for a less technically interrupted show!

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