November 2009
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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National Geographic’s Expedition Week on MBB Radio!

Cath interviews with the actual Expedition Leaders on My Buddy Butch!

Catch interviews with the Expedition Leaders on My Buddy Butch!

It’s weeks like this that I wish I could just sit in front of the TV every day and watch! Well, I am going to make the time this week for NatGeo’s Expedition week. For MBB Radio this week, I have the pleasure of talking with a couple of the expedition leaders and also Alison Wagner, president and CEO, of National Geographic School Publishing (NGSP). We’ll have the interviews with Peirs Gibbon and Mark Fowler (Yes, his is the famous Jim Fowler’s son) about their adventures into the Amazon and also searching for the WW2 Samuria Subs on this week’s my Buddy Butch Show on Thursday evening 7pm. I wanted to get this post up as a reminder to catch these great shows!

Tuesday November 17th 9pm ET/PT – Hunt For The Samurai Subs with Mark Fowler

Wednesday November 18th 9PM ET/PT – Deep Secrets: The Ballard Gallipoli Expeditions

Thursday November 19th 9PM ET/PT – Mars:Making The New Earth

Saturday November 20th 9PM ET/PT – When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs 

Also, Alison Wagner will be talking about the new portal at National Geographic School Publishing that has new information and scholastic activities for kids and teens. With the country concerned about the H1N1 outbreak, National Geographic TV has answered the call to help kids stay active even if they cannot go to school! National Geographic has always had an interest in education and I must say there are few better sources for great information!


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