March 2010
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Spring Comes Early in Ohio – Butch’s First Day Out 2010!

Butch doing what he does best!

Butch doing what he does best! Click Picture!

I guess I should apologize for not returning phone calls and emails on Friday but knowing that we were in line for a “Sunny”, yes I said “Sunny,” day approaching 70 degrees, I decided to take a day off and hang out with Butch outside! Naturally, I had to get the John Deere out and give it a tune up and do a vacuum job on the lawn. Now, Butch’s idea of a great time, as you may know, is playing with his ball.  In his excitement he went through 3 of the small ones yesterday, so low and behold after some calling around to a few stores and a few people hanging up on me for asking if they had “Giant Balls,” a trip to Wal*Mart after dinner yielded two of the Giant Balls that he prefers! He can’t wait! Look at the anticipation in his eyes…the uncontrollable excitement and the sloppiest of messes that I am left to clean up after! Slobber was flung onto the garage wall and  windows 7 feet high! So a few more rounds of light snow and we should be ready for some darn good mowing weather!

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