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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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The My Buddy Butch Radio Show 4-21-2012




natgeoHour 1- Marine Biologist Rick Rosenthal stops by to talk to Jeff about his work filming the Blue Fin Tuna. Now, everyone that is into wildlife knows that National Geographic is second to none when it comes to bringing interesting wildlife documentaries to the screen. This is no exception and Rick, who did the actual filming of these HUGE animals and has worked on other shows such as “Blue Planet” will joins Jeff this week on the My Buddy Butch Show  to talk about his experiences. Did you know that these fish can reach 10 feet in length and weigh in at 1500 pounds? Incredible! Did you also know that like so many other species in the world today their numbers are dwindling very fast? We need to educate the public (and governments) about this so we can save these great creatures from extinction. In the mean time, you can catch “SUPERFISH: Blue Fin Tuna” on the National Geographic Channel Check local listings. AKC/Eukanuba Championship is changing to an “Open” competition. This format change will allow more dogs and folks to be entered and this competition will be for a Full week in Orlando Florida in December. Also, Spring time tips and Products from the American Pet Products Association. News and Announcements.


Fur Shui by Paula Brown

Fur Shui by Paula Brown

Hour 2 - Ever want to know what your pet is thinking? Ever wonder why your pet always lays in their “favorite” spot of your home or apartment? Ever wonder how your pet chooses a particular location as their “favorite?” Well, Animal communicator, author, and communication specialist, Paula Brown talks to us about ”Chi” or energy and Feng Shui for pets. Her book “Fur Shui” details the origins of this energy based Chinese lifestyle of taking advantage of the energy your pet is giving you. Even pets that are in distress give off energy. Fire fighters save Dog trapped under bridge. You never know when things can get dangerous in a storm so BE CAREFUL!
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