August 2008
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Talk Show for Pets – Our First Show Ever! TA! DAAAAAH!

Well, The first show on Blog Talk Radio! You can get to this show from our New Radio Page at
It was memorable, from the intro music being too long right to the outro music being TOO LOUD! Dailing the wrong number and almost missing the first cue we made it in just under the wire and on time. We had a little mic trouble and I was a little muffled during certain parts of the show. With all of the external promotion going on around the book, being away, and manufacturing this week, I think I was lucky just to get the first show on the air let alone make it flawless.
Learning the switchboard and controlling the show for the first time was really not too bad, although I think anything …the first time… is a learning experience. Butch seemed to handle it well, he did enjoy the Pet Product of the week ”Obrbee-Tuff ZOOM Flyer from Planet dog” (  Special thanks to my friend and first guest co-host Joe Lagani for helping me wade through this initial “trial-by-radio.”
SO, we have a little work to do now that we have a good bench mark to grade! It shouldn’t be difficult to top next time …ironing out some of the technical details should be easy and trimming down the “UMMS” and, “Absolutelys” and “You Know’s.” This is the fun of building something fun. Join us in the coming weeks and listen to us get better as we move along! You gotta hear Joe and My critique of this first show, we’re laughing already, and we are a couple of producers!!!! Oh Yeah By The way… I want to apologize to the callers who called in during the show that we did not see! We have a large screen tied into the two computers, now all I have to do is actually look at it!
Jeff and Butch

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