August 2008
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Butch wins Gold in Floor Exercize by tie-breaker!

Well, the last couple of weeks have been INSANE for Butch and me. From being away during the first week of the radio show, having issues to address with the book manufacturing, technical problems with the radio link up, to Butch being shuttled around by my dad while I try to catch up on all this stuff, it has been like riding a “psycotic horse toward a burning stable,” to coin a phrase from Robin Williams! Just the same it has been impossible to even get on-line to catch up with all of you and just write a blog spot! Butch, I know, has felt neglected through it all because things have curtailed our usual amount of activity together. However, in the spirit of the Olympic activity that has surrounded the last few weeks, Butch and I have managed to have our own Olympics right here and he has won the gold in the floor exercize by one tenth of a dog biscuit. We are about a week behind the actual Olympics so our floor exercize was held yesterday and the judges were 2 black labs, a pug, and a German shepard. I really thought I had it won when Butch stepped out of bounds but then he rebounded with a triple somersault and backflip that wowed the crowd. Or should I say Bow Wowed…(I kill me!). I couldn’t believe it when he tied me for the lead. Most of my floor exercize consisted of rolling around on the floor with my arm flailing in the air in a complicated series of hand gestures. Butch was almost disqualified a couple times for running out on the floor and jumping on me during my gymnastic tumbling routine, but the pug judge overturned the ruling. After a long conference between the judges Butch emerged the winner in the floor exercize in a tie breaker which was the “originality” catagory. This is fed through a complex series of computer programs which then shoots Gold colored dog biscuits out of a modified HP printer. Butch got one tenth of a biscuit more than I did so then I had to surrender all of my biscuits to him. I am protesting but I think the decision is final. I hope to win the best “All Around” competition later today.  

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