May 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 5-14-2011


This week – Kentucky Derby Interviews! Bruce Zoldan owner of, Phantom Fireworks and part of Team Valor International joins us to talk about his winning Kentucky Derby Horse “Animal Kingdom” and what it means for him to be a first time winner after more than 20 years as a fan and 10 years as an owner. We also talk about the last minute change in jockeys due to their normal jockey being injured just days before the race. Jeff goes into some detail on what he observed not only from the press box but also away from the record crowd of 165000 in the “backside” barn area. Jeff was also on the Red Carpet for the “Mint Jubilee” on Friday and on Saturday for the derby and got a few quick words from some celebs. Actor – Senator Fred Thompson checked in with Jeff for a quick word on Heart of A Horse Foundation that he is now helping out with…he has even heard the My Buddy Butch Show…we’re honored! Also Triad Pharmaceuticals in Wisconsin is in big trouble…huge recall of human and pet medical kits contain bacteria that can be deadly. What to do and who to call. We are also heading into traditional allergy season for pets and humans! Hour 2 – Dr. Fran Walfish author of “The Self-Aware Parent” and regular contributor to our show joins us to talk about children that do not get along with the family pet. Cases where the child has bitten the pet and other issues kids have… Also What should you report to the FDA and how should you report it? What are the proper steps? Jeff talks about how to go about reporting an issue. And the rest of the Kentucky Derby Interviews with a few more celebrities. Chef Guy Fieri, Jennifer Tilly, Mrs. Kentucky.
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