July 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 7-16-2011



stubbydogThis week – Micaela Meyer is the managing editor of  stubbydog.org  out of Irvine California  joins us to discuss the 12 reasons that breed specific legislation does not work! Remember Perla Kinne of Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary that made it to the final round of Toyota’s 100 Cars for Caring. Well, They won the van that they needed to help transport rescue animals and supplies and to top it off a major company heard about this and guess what they donated in addition to Toyota….. Also More news on the COugar sighted in North East Ohio as Jeff spoke with Jamey Graham of the Ohio Division of Wildlife this week to get an expert opinion on the pictures of the cat that she saw. Did you know that there are a couple of domestic cat breeds that can reach 40 to 50 pounds? We didn’t! Horses are used for security purposes around the country especially this time of year. An EXPERIENCED Ohio woman tragically died from injuries she recieved after falling off of a horse and the horse moving out of the way steps on her chest. BE CAREFUL around these large animals no matter how much experience you have! Top Hotels for Pet travel this summer around the country.

Hour 2 – Kristen Smith of Planet Dog and the Planet Dog Foundation joins Jeff to talk about some of the

The Planet Dog Foundation Helping provide Therapy and Assistance Dogs!

The Planet Dog Foundation Helping provide Therapy and Assistance Dogs!

 things they have been up to and the work they have been doing in giving grants to service organizations such as police dogs and search and rescue organizations. From every toy they sell they donate a percentage to the foundation. Dr. Donna Spector of SpectorDVM.com joins us to talk about dietary needs for pets. Do you like to cook for your pet? You better be careful because chances are although you mean well, they might not be getting the essential nutrients they need to be in tip top shape. Dr. Donna shares tips on keeping your pet healthy and on a good diet. News and Announcements – New Site for prospective pet owners – Conjoined robins found in back yard – New Cat licensing law in SanDiego has cat owners “Hissing”

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