July 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 5-28-2011


Hour 1


This week - Attorney Rebekah Lusk of Windy Oak Farm in Maryland, a regular contributor to MBB, is a horse enthusiast, competitive rider and leisure rider of horses. She stops by to talk about the horses that are racing in the Triple Crown races and how they have to be “rehabilitated” or retrained when their racing days are over. Dr. Patrick Mahaney is with us for his series on the volunteer work that he did in Peru and the state of pets there. It SPRING TIME and the bugs are beginning to emerge, Jeff gives some tips on prevention and a reminder about medications for your pets. More Pet treat recalls and a DANGEROUS pet shampoo that has already cause the death of a woman with a preexisting Asthma condition.

Hour 2

drfranwalfishmbbMBB Contributor Dr. Fran Walfish clinical Psychologist and author of the Self Aware Parent joins Jeff to talk about people who have replaced Human relationships with pets. Those who are lonely for many reasons may obtain pets to fill the void. Great discussion on this topic.  Mallard Ducks are back for spring…here is a little mallard trivia for bird watchers also a quick rundown on Disaster preparedness for your pet and your family. Major airline carriers have raised prices on pet flight - one has actually raised its rate to $250 ONE WAY! It’s clear they don’t want people taking pets on planes. Fatality rate among pets in flight has risen drastically over the last two years.

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