July 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 6-4-2011


Hour 1


"No discussion on horses would be complete without checking in with Joe," Jeff Marginean-host of the My Buddy Butch Show.

This week - Writer, Director, and Producer Joe Camp of the “BENJI” series of films joins Jeff to talk about his best selling book “Soul of A Horse,” and “Soul of A Horse Blogged.” Any time horse care and/or racing is brought up, the conversation just wouldn’t be complete without including Joe. He has a wealth of knowledge and 6 beautiful horses (and Benji!) to prove it! Also, Dr. Tina Wismer from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center joins Jeff for the Vet Topic - Toxic plants and chemicals in the yard! Being a DIY person, Jeff tries to be mindful when working or planting anything outside and Dr. Tina gives him some great tips. News and Announcements.

Hour 2

dogtime joins forces with the ASPCA

dogtime joins forces with the ASPCA

Leslie Smith Editor-in-Chief of the Dogtime blog network joins Jeff to talk about her series on “No-Kill” shelters and her experience that they need to be doing more. Not a popular outlook as she acknowledges especially when most of them are doing everything thing they can at breakneck speed to save animals on the euthanasia list. Also Joan Powers of the Colorado Pug Rescue checks in to talk about “Preloved-Auction” and how this format is helping rescues to save Pugs as far away as England. Dr. Patrick Mahaney our Vet to the Stars drops in to continue his series on his trip to Peru. Ever heard of a “BOT FLY?” well he will tell all about it and if we have to worry here in the USA. Texas Senate finally passes the “Animal Abuse Registry” where they keep track of animal abusers but there is a hitch…naturally. also in our news section a stray Pit Bull rescues a woman and her child from a would-be attacker in Florida…you won’t believe this!

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